“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” —Ghandi

Craig Mastrangelo not only lives by that motto, but believes in it enough that he had it tattooed on his body.

Born in New Jersey, he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and since graduating college has been in business for himself. He started his own personal training fitness company, The Body Defined, Inc., and worked with a wide spectrum of clients, but began to get burned out.

“The grind of the long hours began to take a toll on me. I began researching other professions that would allow me to have a certain amount of autonomy while also offering a certain amount of change on a daily basis (read: not sitting in a cubicle all day, 9–5 p.m.),” Craig explains. “Residential real estate afforded me the ability to be doing something different day in and day out, while simultaneously being an integral part of my clients’ buying/selling a large investment — which oftentimes is the largest investment/transaction they will enter in the course of their life. Being able to help them navigate this process and provide service that achieves their goals is the most satisfying part of my professional work.”

Craig has been a REALTOR® for 20 years and obtained his license in 2000, after selling his personal training business. “I was fortunate enough to partner up with a past training client, Laura McClanahan, who was and still is a great mentor to me professionally. Until this past spring, my entire real estate career was spent with RE/MAX, but I am excited about the opportunities available to agents who join the Compass family!”

Craig has received several awards in his career, though most recently was voted “Best REALTOR®” for Northern Virginia magazine in 2019. What he has accomplished outside of the office remains what he is most proud of. Craig is divorced, but reconciled and living again with his ex-wife, the mother of his two children. Madison (13) is currently in eighth grade and Michael (10) is in fourth grade. He is deeply passionate about where they all are right now in life.

“It is true what they say. Even though you don’t see it, NOR do you believe it when you are in the middle of the storm, but time with them truly does fly. So I enjoy spending time with my kids,” Craig states.

It is both his personal and his professional life that merge together in how he defines success. “Recognizing the tangible and non-tangible benefits of the work one has put into something. Whether it be work, family or friends, seeing yourself learn from each and knowing that these great experiences are a direct result of one’s personal efforts — whether it be to achieve professional recognition for annual volume or learning about yourself personally and carving out the time daily/weekly/annually because it is something of value and because it is valuable to you, you work hard to make them a part of your life.”

Craig is also passionate about helping people and working with clients one-on-one. “I truly care about protecting my clients’ interests, even if that means showing them 50 homes,” he clarifies. “I feel that my clients know that I’m not with them to ‘earn a paycheck’ but rather to help navigate them through a sometimes confusing transactional process. I typically tell buyers, ‘I’ll never tell you what to buy, I will only tell you what your money can buy.’ Which is to say, ‘I’m with you for the long haul and won’t think a house is perfect for you just to get a sale.’ I think the big picture of client service is too important — and this helps provide referral business for the past 20 years.”

Craig has also hit another milestone. He turned 50 this past December. With a powerful desire to live a full and zealous life, both in and out of the office, he looks forward, with eyes wide open, to all that the next decade will bring. Craig Mastrangelo is ready for 2020.

Craig can be reached at (703) 932-3622 and at craigmastrangelo@gmail.com.

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