When your child falls ill, everything can change in an instant. While your world can stop, life continues for everyone else. And the longer it goes on, the more adjustments have to be made. Jeddie Busch, and husband, Jeff, found themselves in this position when their middle child, Colin, born with an immune deficiency, was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water in the brain) and a blood disease.

Up to that point, Jeddie had a long, successful career in banking and finance. Having received her B.S. from Virginia Tech and MBA from Marymount University, she worked for several Fortune 500 companies, including Freddie Mac and Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

When Colin was very young, Jeddie had to take him to an overwhelming number of doctors and specialists. Having to juggle the increasing needs of her child, in addition to her existing job responsibilities, quickly proved to be impossible.

“I knew things had to change,” says Jeddie. “My children are everything to me.”

Knowing Jeddie’s love of houses and design, and having heard the stories of her growing up and going to the McLean home tours every year with her mother, Jeff urged Jeddie to get into real estate. Although she was not convinced that she’d enjoy being a REALTOR®, Jeddie obtained her license in 2011, but sat on it for two years.

“Thanks to some really good friends who believed in me, I sold my first home in 2013 and haven’t looked back,” she says.

However, the real turning point for Jeddie occurred as Colin took a turn for the worse. He was receiving treatments at home from a home-care nurse, when one day, it all proved to be too much on his body, and his veins collapsed. They had to install a full port-a-cath to continue treatment, which required them to spend 14 hours a month at Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center, for over four years.

“I was commuting to Georgetown Pediatric Cancer Center and working as a REALTOR® from the basement of the building, with this sick child. I learned to be extremely grateful that we were able to leave and come back the next month, because many others were not afforded the same luxury. I gained a new perspective on what really matters in life. I grew more patient and compassionate, which has helped me both personally and professionally,” says Jeddie.

With a genuine care for the people in her life, Jeddie has built her real estate business by simply working hard and being “fanatical” about providing the best customer service to her clients. “I want them to be happy while living in their new home with their family, and feeling grateful about the process that brought them there,” she says.

Jeff and Jeddie also work together as business partners. So their time away from the business is spent cherishing their kids, Jay (14), Colin (12), and Preston (9), traveling, and spending time in the pool. Jeddie is a giant-breed dog enthusiast and loves being outside with their enormous English Mastiff, Bruno (6), and their playful Newfoundland, Henry (3).

“Since I have been working as a real estate agent, my life has become significantly more memorable than when I was working in the corporate world. I will never spend my time being micromanaged on a PowerPoint slide again,” jokes Jeddie. “My life is definitely not a straight line, but I am grateful for every single twist and turn that has brought me here.”