“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” – Zig Ziglar

The only thing that comes close to matching Troy Sponaugle’s success is his passion.

With drive, motivation and experience both inside and outside of the real estate world, he has, without doubt or question, lived an inspiring life. A self-proclaimed military brat, Troy was born in Texas and has called more states home than most have even traveled to. He calls himself a Southerner with a Midwestern flavor, and has been to every state in the union, including Alaska and Hawaii.

“I have been blessed by a life of variety with exciting challenges all along the way, so I never have been satisfied or bored. Moved to many new environments with my military family as a young person. Went to the Air Force Academy (USAFA), which was a great experience in leadership and technology. Had a fascinating AF career working in worldwide telecommunications and nuclear weapons effects,” he states. “Along the way, I received a master’s degree in information systems. Established my own businesses in the exciting personal and office computing environment from the infancy of the personal computer, in 1984, all the way through the creation and adoption of the worldwide internet. Now I am creating a new real-estate business just as this world is experiencing massive disruption and growth. And woven throughout all that professional stuff, had a wonderful family with my wife, Jackie, of 42 years, and raised a great son (Troy) and talented daughter (Kaile).” Troy also has a grandson, Kaeleb. “Never been a dull moment.”

Never dull at all.

Troy’s father has also had a significant impact on his life. “Learning from him how to create and fix things to support our family had a profound effect on me, creating a strong sense of satisfaction and independence that I have carried with me all my life,” he exclaims. “I honestly believe I can do anything I want to if I have a will and need to do it.”

Troy has always loved real estate and purchased his first home with one of his first checks as a second lieutenant with two friends. He purchased his second and third homes while getting his master’s in Ohio. After successful careers in the Air Force and IT business, he decided to go back to what he always loved. He combines the technical knowledge and skills from his Air Force and computer-business background to understand and use technology for the benefit of his real estate team and clients.

“Building a client-centered, high-technology real estate team that can survive and prosper in a rapidly changing real estate environment is a huge challenge,” he passionately explains. “The real estate world is evolving to an internet-centric environment and is experiencing disruptive market forces. Only agents and teams that can adapt to this new environment will survive.”

Adapting has been paramount in his life and career, and has also brought him some of his greatest wins, including the feeling of finding or helping a team member find the perfect home for a client. “I absolutely believe that home ownership is one of the cornerstones of personal and financial freedom and one of the key things that makes our country great.”

Outside of his real estate career, Troy enjoys spending time with his family. They love to ski, bike ride, and go to the beach. There is one thing, though, that he wishes he had learned earlier in life. “The only way to succeed is to help other people be successful.” The Greek word for “meek” means strong but humble, he says. “I got the strong part, but wish I had figured out the humble part about 30 years earlier.”

No matter what the timing is, that is a great lesson from a great man. And we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next.

Troy can be reached at the Troy Property Group of Samson Properties by phone at 703-408-5560, by email at Troy@troypropertygroup.com, and by visiting www.troy.virginia.troypropertygroup.com.