“My tagline is, ‘It’s not business; it’s personal,’ and I mean it,” Andréa Vaccarelli, of Pearson Smith Realty, begins. “[Buying a home] is a bucket-list item, a dream, a life goal — one of, if not the biggest investment someone will make. I want to be there every step of the way and help support them in making it a personal experience that suits their needs, wants, and goals.”

The Road Home
Growing up on Long Island, Andréa never dreamed of becoming a real estate agent. She studied communications at Towson University, where she graduated a semester early to jump-start her career at an advertising agency in New York City, where she lived for eight years.

“During that time, I went from advertising to events to marketing and even got certified as a life and business coach,” Andréa recalls.

A mutual friend introduced Andréa to her husband Ben, who was a native of Loudoun County. After dating long-distance for a year and a half, Andréa finally made the move to Virginia.

In the time that followed her move, Andréa began to reconsider her career aspirations.

“I wish I knew more about entrepreneurial industries, rather than your typical tunnels you funnel into for college,” Andréa says.

After careful consideration, Andréa’s passions led her to real estate.

“I always had an interest in looking at homes, renovating, decorating, you name it. I mean, who doesn’t love HGTV? [I’m a] self-proclaimed interior designer. I always found myself sending homes to my friends when they were looking,” Andréa says.

Andréa struggled to balance work (with a long commute) and family life (she gave birth to her son Luca). She had a friend who was a lender, and he suggested that she look into real estate.

“That’s when I met Eric Pearson,” Andréa says. “He instilled confidence in me, and I took a leap of faith. Thankfully, my husband didn’t even bat an eye…He just said he trusted me and was fully supportive. [I] got my license, and boom — here we are.”

That was in 2016. Since then, Andréa has been consistently recognized as a top agent in the Northern Virginia area. Andréa builds relationships and creates trust — and that doesn’t stop at the closing table. Her dedication to her clients and to doing business with a philosophy of full transparency, honesty, and tenacity have catapulted her to success.

“Do what you want to do no matter how hard it may be or the extra schooling you may need. What’s harder is looking back and wishing you did!”

On Family and Balance
Andréa and Ben now have two boys, Luca (four) and Adrien (one). When she’s not working, Andréa can be found supporting her community, coaching her sons’ sports teams, having family game and movie nights, and teaching the boys all of their “firsts.”

“I am obsessed with my boys,” Andréa beams. “I’m a total boy mom. We make sure we have quality time together during the week. When our life isn’t engulfed in the children’s activities as a couple, we enjoy local wineries, breweries, hosting friends and family at the house, and, you know, just having plain old fun.”

Running a top-producing real estate business and supporting a young family isn’t easy. While real estate provides incredible flexibility, it is also demanding.

“Real estate is flexibly unflexible,” Andréa says. “Though I have the opportunity to be my own boss and make my own schedule, I am also at the mercy of my clients’ schedules, and this market waits for no one. You snooze, you lose…It sometimes can be challenging having two little ones and creating the proper work-life balance. That being said, it has allowed me to attend my children’s Mother’s Day tea, partake in the school Halloween parades, and coach soccer and tee-ball. I don’t have to worry about calling out of work for a week because my child is sick, so that is the flexible part. I can still be there for my family.”

Andréa sees success as being able to step back and appreciate what she has created, nurtured, and worked hard for.

“I’m successful if my family is happy and comfortable,” she says. “I’m successful if, when a transaction is over, my clients are happy and we keep in touch.”

“My biggest success, though, will be my family — watching my husband become a dad, and my boys become men, seeing them happy and develop into good people.”