“Where experience and luxury find their way home.” —Ariana Gillette

Over the past 17 years, Ariana Gillette has had an illustrious career in real estate, dipping into nearly every facet of the business, including new construction, being a buyer’s agent for many years, starting her own brokerage (a high-end, boutique firm), flipping homes after the crash of 2007, and being a market dominator since moving to Loudoun County in 2010. Pearson Smith Realty, the largest growing brokerage in Loudoun County, is the home of Ariana Luxury Homes.

While Ariana went to school with the intent to work in the federal government, having grown up in McLean, Virginia, and earning a master’s degree in public policy from American University in Washington, D.C., she found her love of real estate soon after graduating.

The public service mentality, however, never left Ariana. Aside from serving her clients in real estate every day, she was on the executive board of the Loudoun Fairfax Mothers of Multiple Club a 501(c)(3) (LFMOMC.com) for nearly a decade, and, as a mother of 12-year-old twins, is currently the PTA President at her children’s middle school. She actively supports several dog rescues in the area and is the “fur-mom” of two German shepherds.

While Ariana has helped over 100 families buy or sell in the last couple of years, being a $10-plus million Top Producer every year since 2015, it hasn’t always been easy. She got her start working for a homebuilder in 2001, where she learned how to build a home from the ground up. After two years of absorbing everything she could, she decided to obtain her real estate license and start her own business.

“I worked many years as a buyer’s agent, and much of that business came back to me full circle — a large portion of those buyers eventually sold with me and referred me to their friends and families, and I started to have an organic referral business as a result,” Ariana explains. “There is nothing better than working for people who want to work with you. I genuinely care for and fight for my clients, and they love that about me.”

Ariana is passionate about her brand, Ariana Luxury Homes, and has recently launched into more social media platforms. She pivoted much of her business to online so that people can also get to know her “from the comfort of their phone.”

In addition to learning and adapting her business to new technologies, to “stay fresh for today’s buyers and sellers,” Ariana says she has incredible vendors to support her clients, and she knows how to ask for help, which keeps her business moving forward.

“Success is having control over my business in all aspects,” she says. “Having work-life balance creates fertile soil to grow a healthy business.” Although she would not have it any other way, she says, “being a REALTOR® is a lifestyle that affects my family and friends. I am always near my phone, am always talking about my favorite subject — real estate — and could be called off at a moment’s notice to help a client in need.”

Ariana enjoys spending time with her family and friends camping, hiking, biking, exploring the outdoors, gardening, visiting farmers markets and shopping locally, which she says keeps her grounded with what’s truly important in life. Ariana stays motivated by other REALTOR® moms and surrounds herself with positive people, places, and things to keep her inspired throughout her day.

Given her extensive career in real estate, Ariana offers the following advice to other REALTORS® who are just starting out: “Don’t quit when times get hard. Save money for a rainy day and don’t forget to take money from each and every check to pay the IRS! I have taken many risks in my career; some worked and some didn’t. Jumping back into the market after the financial crash of 2007 was a big one, but it paid off, and I am still here, adapting and moving into the future.”