“My dad is the most influential person in my life,” Allen Johnson begins proudly. “I’ve often been asked who my hero is. A lot of people say famous people. Well, my dad is famous to me. There is a quote from one of Mark Batterson’s books: ‘Be famous in your own home.’ My dad is famous in our home. He taught me and he loved me … he was the one who gave me the confidence and permission to go after my dreams.”

Allen’s father, L.A. Johnson, was the one to support his first home purchase with a $10,000 gift. He was the first to encourage him to get into real estate sales. Allen still speaks with him daily.

As Allen has stepped into the role of father himself, he strives to be like his own dad. He strives to be the type of man who puts his family first, staying present with those in front of him. He strives to be a man of God and a man of the community.

Real Estate Beginnings

After graduating from George Mason University, Allen went to work for a local car dealership. He reached the point of wanting to buy a home but struggled to find someone to help.

“I didn’t look like your typical buyer,” Allen recalls.

Allen did finally meet an agent who was willing to help him navigate the process of buying a home. And that agent inspired Allen.

“I made the commitment that I’d be that agent. That anyone who looked like me, I would not judge them on how they may or may not look. I’d be that agent that would help them.”

In 2002, Allen got his real estate license and began what has become an almost two-decade-long career … so far.

The Journey to Fatherhood

In the meantime, Allen’s own family has grown. He and his wife, Christal, have two children; Sydney is 10 and Camila is 7.

“We like to chill, movie nights, and just have fun together,” Allen beams. “Bowling, vacationing together.”

Balancing home life and a career in real estate isn’t always easy. Allen is realistic and attentive to the energy that he brings back into the home. Christal works alongside Allen in real estate, which can be both a blessing and an obstacle to stepping fully into family time.

“The family is my biggest responsibility,” Allen says. “The biggest thing is balance. We are busy, but it doesn’t mean my business needs to affect the family life.”

Allen is grounded in the idea that he is a father and husband, first and foremost. He has a responsibility to his family, then his clients and the greater community.

Allen hopes to leave a legacy of “making sure that my children understand there is a balance between your success and your responsibility to serving your community.”

“When God gives you a blessing, he also gives you a big responsibility to bless others,” Allen adds.

Stepping Into the Future

Allen has overcome odds and obstacles to achieve success. He considers those challenges to be a vital part of the man he is. In addition to being the AJ Team Realty team leader at Keller Williams Realty Lake Ridge, he has written a book, 50 Things Your Real Estate Agent Should Tell You But Probably Won’t.

“It’s taken me 20 years to be an overnight success,” Allen quips. “I’m not the most talented or smartest, but I’ll show up every day and just put in the work.”

As he looks ahead, Allen is passionate about trying to keep things simple. He’s well aware of how easy it is to get caught up in chasing production and awards in real estate. But for him, achievement means something different.

“At the end of the day, my tombstone will not have how many homes I’ve sold. I’m passionate about being a father, son, husband, and leader to those we have on our team. I’m passionate about having a positive impact in my community. If I can focus on building and loving those in my community, those small things will, over time, blossom and have a big impact.”