“Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration.” 
— Sumner Redstone

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me,” Arnita Greene testifies.

A Washington, DC, native, Arnita Greene has taken a winding road to becoming a full-time real estate agent. Since she made the big leap in 2014, her career has flourished. Arnita closed almost $10 million in business her first full year, In 2018, she more than doubled that business, closing $22 million with The Greene Group.

But, it wasn’t always easy.

Finding Her Way
“I’ve always wanted to be a Realtor®,” Arnita says.

Since she can recall, Arnita has appreciated the architecture around her home city. “DC is where I grew up,” Arnita reflects. “I’ve always admired the structures of the homes, the architecture.”

When Arnita and her husband, Amar, began to look for a home of their own, they had a family friend, Bernice Clark, help them out. “She’s like my aunt,” Arnita explains. “We did the homebuying process with her. I loved every aspect of how she treated us and how it went. She’s passed on now, but she sold real estate for over 35 years. When she helped us buy our home, I was amazed at how she loved every aspect of it.”

After completing the purchase of their home, Arnita enrolled in real estate classes, took her test, and got licensed in 2006.

Building a Business and Taking a Leap of Faith
At first, Arnita was working a full-time position in the government accountability office. She would stay there until 2014, when she finally gained the courage to follow her dreams. “My passion has always been real estate. I finally picked my passion,” she shares.

With her real estate business growing organically, Arnita decided the time was ripe for a change. She saved up for her move — to the tune of $40,000 — and prepared to make the move she had been planning for so long.

“And then I was scared to quit,” Arnita admits candidly. “I wanted to do [real estate] full-time, but I was scared. But, I did it! I gave my job two weeks notice, and since August 2014, I’ve been a full-time real estate agent.”

Finding Her Groove
After Arnita put her government job in the rearview mirror, she was left with a big question: “How am I going to get business?” Arnita recalls how she was “fired” by her first client as a full-time agent.

“That money [I saved] went away so quickly…I had a class at Keller Williams. I broke down in the class because I just quit my job and the deals weren’t working out. Everyone in the class said, ‘Welcome to the club!’ They had all been through it, too. You have to pick yourself up and keep on working. That was an ‘aha’ moment for me — to know I’m not the only person struggling after leaving a check that comes every two weeks. Now, I have to go find the business.”

Arnita leaned on her native roots and approachable disposition to drive business through her door. With patience and perseverance, it worked! “I go the extra mile for my clients,” she says. “I am relatable, and my clients can tell I love what I do.”

Today, the vast majority of Arnita’s business is referral-based. She’s helped plenty of her old high school classmates, family members, and friends of friends purchase homes.

When she’s not working real estate, Arnita is with her family – her husband, Amar, and their two kids, Aaryn, 17, and Ahmad, 13. “We love to hang out together and try new restaurants every weekend. My kids are growing up, and we try to spend as much time as possible together,” Arnita says.

Humble and transparent, Arnita aspires to continue to use her greatest strengths and her love for real estate to drive her life to newfound heights.

“It’s all about being able to do what you love and helping other people grow. It’s about making a difference in people’s lives, helping build wealth for others, and being a resource for them,” she affirms. “Nothing makes me feel that I have done my job right more than seeing the smiles and hugs at the closing table.”