Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” —Michael Jordan

Arturo is the kind of person who makes things happen. While there were plenty of times in his life that he could have succumbed to challenges and settled for a want or wish for a better future, especially as a young El Salvadorian landing in a new, unfamiliar country, his resolve and determination to work through difficulty and create a great life for himself and family never wavered.

Arturo grew up and lived in his family’s hometown of Zacatecoluca and San Salvador from birth to his first year of high school. Arturo’s life was turned upside down rather abruptly in 1981, when his father delivered the news that the family was moving to his uncle’s hometown of Silver Spring, MD.

Uprooted and having to adjust to a new country, culture, and language in a foreign environment, Arturo definitely encountered his share of challenges. Fortunately, living with family helped soften the culture clash and, with their guidance and his determination to learn and adapt, he was ready for whatever came his way. “Truth is, lots of personal growth had to be done quickly, and it still continues today,” Arturo explains. “Understanding the importance of relationships was so vital for growth, both on the personal and business side. From creating new relationships to keeping the ones that you have, it takes effort and intention, and it’s so important.”

Gleaned from the wisdom of Jim Rohn, Arturo says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” His father became a real estate broker in Maryland and owned a small brokerage in Wheaton, which later influenced Arturo to obtain his real estate license.

While Arturo already possessed profound focus, fortitude, and discipline, he says pivotal moments happened in 1995 and 2002, the years his children, Sara and Andres were born. “My kids are a blessing that changed my life; becoming a father shifted my focus immediately, which clearly identified my priorities,” Arturo emphasizes

Arturo obtained his real estate license in 2001 but did not go full-time in the business until June 2006. With a mind for finance and keen attention to detail, Arturo worked within the field of government contracts prior to real estate, performing accounting, contract administration, and financial-statement analysis recommendations to controllers, CFOs, and CEOs. He ended his career as a controller for a government contractor in charge of the accounting and contract administration operations.    

The end of Arturo’s first career was the result of a realization he had in early 2006. “I realized that real estate was my passion and that I had the opportunity to work in something that I enjoyed. The journey was not easy, but I built a profitable business with hard work and perseverance” Arturo explains.

Armed with enthusiasm, passion, and determination to create a new quality of life for his family, Arturo dove into real estate full time in May 2006. He first joined his father’s brokerage in Wheaton, where he learned the basics of the business and got his foothold. Growth continued as he transitioned to RE/MAX Allegiance, where he stayed for about three years, and then moved to Keller Williams Realty in 2010.

With a deep understanding of finance, and extensive experience consulting high-level, government contractors on multimillion-dollar deals, Arturo infused his real estate business with a caliber of professionalism, knowledge, and personal service that instilled confidence, trust, and loyalty in his clients. His passionate belief in real estate as a means to create generational wealth and the positive impact it has on families for future generations propelled him to seek and help as many people as he could. And with every new relationship he poured himself into, his business grew.   

Arturo’s business reached a new level in 2015 when he formed The Cruz Group. “Our mighty team excels in giving our clients a white-glove experience with extreme attention to detail on every transaction that turns them into raving fans every time. We are forward-thinking in that we anticipate our clients’ needs and act on them before they can even think to ask,” he says.

When Arturo is not taking care of his clients, he loves working in the kitchen and getting the grill ready to throw a feast for his family and friends. He also loves biking, hitting the slopes in the winter, and traveling with family. Their favorite destinations include the Caribbean, Europe, Peru, and, of course, El Salvador.

Just as when he first came to the United States, Arturo continues to be focused on growth. “2021 has been about growth in all aspects of life,” Arturo explains. “During this past summer, I attended a live conference that made me realize very clearly that leadership is a journey, and what we do every day determines our success.”

As Arturo pursues new levels of leadership and growth in his life, there is no doubt he will make it happen.