All too often, new agents launch their real estate careers with the hopes of having a flexible career, only to find themselves on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Perhaps the greatest gift of being a REALTOR® is flexibility, while the greatest challenge is actually experiencing that flexibility.

Ash Morsi, with Keller Williams Realty, began his real estate journey in 2016 with a specific desire to create more balance and flexibility in his life. Five years into his career, he has not only achieved material success, he’s succeeded in a way that most top agents never experience. He’s created balance in his life.

From Designer to Realtor 

Before launching his real estate career in 2016, Ash spent 11 years as an interior designer for Belfort Furniture. With two young kids at home, he desired more flexibility in his schedule. “In the retail world, you’re working on weekends with a fixed schedule,” Ash notes.

Ash often interacted with agents during his time as an interior designer. He’d assist with staging for listings and redesigning homes after a transaction. It was those interactions that initially inspired him to look deeper into real estate as a career.

“I realized that I could really bring value to a transaction. And that’s been the foundation of my business — helping people through design and staging. It gave me a unique angle. It made sense to me — there’s a need in the industry, and I thought it could work.”

Admittedly, Ash was nervous about stepping in. His wife, Lily, is a stay-at-home mom, making Ash the family’s sole provider. Moving to a 100-percent commission-based salary left Ash and his family staring into the great unknown.

“I was nervous, but I jumped in with two feet. I had a few clients lined up, so while the first 90 days were a little uneasy, I settled in, and it’s been smooth sailing.”

Five years later, Ash is thriving. He closed $40 million in 2020, and in 2021, he closed just under $50 million. His team is growing, too; in 2021, he brought on three new agents.

“I started as a solo agent, and I have two admins to support me. They are the core and the heart of our systems. They are like family to me. They are the chaos coordinators,” Ash smiles.

Outside of real estate, Ash is a family man through and through. He and Lily have two children, Leila (12) and Adam (10).

The Key to Balance

Ash believes that creating work-life balance is all about leverage.

“I could get by on one admin. I could get by with no agents on the team. But I’m going to spend more time in the weeds on the back end. So I wanted leverage. I wanted someone to help me with the things I’m not as good at. My strengths are in getting a property ready and making it shine. The admin side isn’t what I like to do, so I hired someone that likes to do admin work,” Ash explains.

The process is simple; the execution is the challenge. But with a family he loves dearly, Ash remains focused on living life on his own terms.

“It was always difficult for me to set boundaries. As I got into the business, I felt like I had to be available. But I learned that’s not a sustainable model. If I want to be able to spend time with my family, I need to set those boundaries. The beauty in real estate is, if someone respects your boundaries, you work with them and they become clients, then friends. If they don’t respect your boundaries, it’s okay to pass up on a client. We tend to attract what we’re looking for.”

Ash’s method is simple in concept but difficult to achieve.

“The real estate world is like that,” he reminds us. “The formula is there, but executing it can be difficult. It requires perseverance.”