Think of all of the people you have helped in your career … those who have relied on your experience and expertise to get to the next page in life.

One of those who has a sustaining passion for helping his clients write the next chapter in their lives is Ben Heisler.

As a REALTOR® with Pearson Smith Realty, Ben has a knack — and love — for helping his clients’ stories take shape and become reality.

“I love being part of their stories. When I work with someone, it’s fun to see the way things have worked out for them through their lives,” Ben says. “I remember when they sold their house and didn’t have kids, and then seeing life move forward for them. I like being part of people’s stories.”

Early Glimpses of a Rewarding Career

Ben first earned his real estate license in 2004 and started full-time in the business in 2005. But his entrepreneurial nature and interest in real estate got going much earlier in life — as a boy growing up in Ohio.

“It seems like I always enjoyed selling things. I remember selling pumpkins on the street corner when I was growing up,” he recalls. “I had always worked. My parents were adamant that I needed to stay busy with something, whether it was sports or working. Along the way, my family had been in real estate.”

Breaking New Ground

As Ben came of age, he had his sights set on becoming an architect for a time. In the meantime, when he was 15, he approached a local real estate firm.

“I came to them and asked about working with them as an office assistant. They didn’t have a job, and they thought it was a joke,” he remembers.

But they hired him. Soon, Ben was soaking up as much as he could, working after school at the firm part-time, and again during summers.

“Working at the real estate office confirmed my interest in the business. I really enjoyed it, including the people’s side, as well as the marketing aspect,” he remembers.

So once he graduated high school, Ben took the next logical step. He earned his license and started life as a REALTOR®.

“I was on a team at the time. When I first started, I was doing administrative work and selling. In time, I transitioned out of the administrative stuff and started selling,” he says.

Where Life and Business Meet

In early 2011, Ben started on his own with a full-time assistant — his mother, Lisa.  

“It’s wonderful having the chance to work with her like this,” Ben says. “She had gotten her real estate license in the early 2000s for a few years. She came back and works alongside me as our operations manager. She works with our clients to make it a great process, and her attention to detail keeps the team running incredibly smoothly.”

Ben is also honored to be joined in life and business by his wife, Shannon. “Shannon works as an agent with the team, as well,” he says. “It means a lot being able to share this with her.”

Signs of Success

The signs of Ben’s success are unmistakable. In 2020, he recorded just under $29 million in sales volume on 44 transactions.

In 2021, he and his small team were on track to complete an estimated 57 transactions, representing about $39 million in sales volume.

A Rewarding Life

Away from work, Ben and Shannon treasure time spent with their children: 5-year-old twins Luke and Olivia and 2-year-old Layla.

When it comes to giving back to the community, Ben and his family support the Wholehearted Foundation, an organization that helps families who have children with cardiac issues.

A Lasting Impact

Those who get to know and work with Ben come to know him on many levels. They rely on his resourcefulness and willingness to help. They also know they can trust what he says and appreciate his honest, straightforward manner.

“I like being the person they can count on as they move ahead in life,” he says.

Each day, Ben meets a new client. In turn, it’s a new opportunity to look at their journey — their story. As they begin a momentous new chapter in life, they know one thing for certain … that Ben Heisler will be there to help them turn the page.