Growth Game is On Point
Squashing limiting beliefs—that’s what Keri Shull and Dan Lesniak do. Only this power couple doesn’t just do it for themselves, they do it for others. Whether it’s for their team of 92 people or for their clients who are trying to create a stream of passive income, the pair concentrates on growing and empowering others.

“We are very excited about helping others achieve their goals, and for us, that is the ultimate fulfillment,” Keri explained. Perhaps that is partly why they’ve been so successful; pouring into others is not a mere marketing strategy, but has become their way of life.

This high-energy couple met in 2013 at a brokerage sales meeting. At that time, Keri’s team leader pulled her aside saying, Dan is going to give you a run for your money. “It turned out she was more right than she could have ever predicted,” Keri reflected. It was just a matter of time before they realized what a good match they made and how much better they’d be together.

So it was easy merging Keri’s brand, the Keri Shull Team, with Dan’s, Orange Line Living. Then in 2014, they were married. But it wasn’t all roses and romance. Making decisions as a team was difficult at first because they were used to unilateral decisions. But they worked it out and have figured out a few things along the way.

How do they do it—day in and day out, living and breathing each other and real estate, all while raising their young family? Keri says, first and foremost, they ask a lot of questions and seek to understand one another before reacting. “Focus on your partner’s strengths and the big picture alignment you have about vision instead of the daily details that will cause you stress.”

Another trick Keri and Dan have up their sleeve, which happens to be some of the best relationship advice they’ve ever received, is learning one another’s “love language and filling the tank when it gets empty.” Keri is adamant on this note: “When there is tension or negativity, focus on filling their love tank before you try and resolve the surface issue you are dealing with. Seek to understand the core of the issue so you can solve that instead of wasting time-solving the various surface issues that occur repeatedly.”

Prior to real estate, Keri was interviewing to be the Oscar Meyer Weiner Girl. She was looking for the right opportunity to showcase her talents of supporting others, strategizing, and aspired for unlimited growth potential. She began in new home sales for NV Homes in 2003, after graduating from Penn State, and transitioned to Mayhood Company, where she sold condos.

Dan was a mechanical engineer and officer in the Navy. He was working full-time at the Pentagon while earning his master’s degree in business administration. He began investing in real estate, and after having a few bad experiences, he decided to get his license in 2012. In his first year, he toppled the notion of what a REALTOR® should do with over $22 million in sales.

Individually they were Real Producers, together they are seemingly unstoppable. For Keri and Dan, it’s so much more than a numbers game (although the numbers are truly impressive with well over $400 million in 2019). Keri can boast a $4 billion volume so far. But more importantly, they are incredibly proud of what they are doing and how they are doing it.

They have a leadership team responsible for their own departments with 50-plus agents and have their sights set on growing the number one team in the country. They said they don’t give agents lead; rather, they give them appointments. Keri said that because of that, the agents on their team average much higher incomes than most team leaders in the area. They anxiously await the day where one of their team members exceeds $1 million in annual income. “I know it’s not far from happening,” Keri mentioned.

Keri and Dan are also the creators of the HyperLocal and HyperFast Summit, which began in 2018. This annual event brings top agents together for a two-day coaching extravaganza for those who are committed to growing their own REALTOR® game. Because Keri and Dan wholeheartedly believe in the power of coaching, this event has allowed them to impact more agents in a shorter timeframe.

Recently, this team moved into their new state-of-the-art office in Arlington, which is equipped with a podcast studio. They are extremely active in the digital landscape. With so much happening in their world, you might think they are not accessible, but since they only work with a handful of coaching clients at a time, they are adept at keeping themselves readily available for the team.

While the pair is passionate about all things real estate, it is their children who are their number one passion and priority: 4-year-old Braden, 2-year-old Kierra, and 6-month-old Grayson. Keri and Dan are committed to them no matter what happens in the workspace. They happily include them on all their work trips and events and adore having family adventures, whether it’s a trip to Florida or even going to the grocery store.

One of their favorite family pastimes is to cook dinner together. “All of the [kids] have chef outfits, I absolutely love it,” Keri said, adding later, “My focus has always been making life fun for them.”