From the late ‘80s to the early 2000s, Laurie Mensing, of Long & Foster ❘ Christie’s International Real Estate,  and her family moved a staggering 12 times. Her husband, Eric, worked as a transportation and logistics company executive, which took their family to places from Virginia to London to Saudi Arabia. While it wasn’t always easy, Laurie gleaned invaluable wisdom during that time. When she was four months pregnant, for example, Laurie and Eric headed to Saudi Arabia.

“It was one of the most vivid growth periods for me as a woman, wife, and mother,” Laurie reflects. “One learns to adapt, be respectful, and recognize that life is a book of chapters. Each chapter should be lived well and with acceptance.”

Laurie and Eric had lived in Northern Virginia three times before finally settling in for good in 2004. Prior to landing back in Virginia, the couple was in London, where Laurie worked as a destination consultant. Her role was to assist clients who were in transition, and the first step in that process was often finding housing. “Upon moving back from London to NOVA, I thought about starting a destination services company here in the D.C. metro market. The first arm of that is finding housing, so I got my license.”

That was in 2006. For 15 years, Laurie has been happily working as a real estate agent. “I have never looked back,” Laurie smiles.

Laurie prides herself on her patience and ability to educate clients so they can make informed decisions. In a role where she is entrusted with overseeing such an impactful purchasing decision, she doesn’t take integrity lightly.

The results have been nothing short of staggering. Laurie has closed nearly half a billion dollars in her career, including over $73 million in 2020.

Drawing on Her Roots

Laurie’s mother passed away at the young age of 45; Laurie was only 24 at the time. “My prominent memories of her are when I was much younger because I was away at college and then working between the ages of 18 to 24,” Laurie says. As a result, the wisdom that Laurie carries from the mothers in her life includes the wisdom passed down from her two grandmothers. They played an instrumental role in shaping the woman she has become.

“I believe women are the key to the success of businesses and families, if not nations,” Laurie says. “Women have the ability to direct, motivate, and cultivate ideas that can transcend generations, and I believe it all starts within the four walls of our homes.”

From her mother and grandmothers, Laurie learned to be a grounding force and support for her family. She learned to stay focused with love, strength, and resilience.

As she became an adult — and eventually, a mother herself — Laurie also leaned into the lessons her father taught her. “We talked about everything around the kitchen table,” Laurie continues. “There was always clear and concise conversation about expectations, love, and hard work…With difficult circumstances at times, I learned the value of trust and responsibility. I grew up in a family business where your word and actions mean something. Without your integrity and character you don’t have anything.

On Family and the Future

Today, Laurie’s three children, Michael, John, and Lauren, are all adults. Her family continues to grow, as she now has a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, and a granddaughter.

“Little Avery makes me smile just thinking about her,” Laurie beams.

Laurie and Eric have now been married for 36 years, and there’s not much they don’t enjoy doing together. “Travel, road-trip, ski, cook, golf, adventure, work on a project…being together is precious time as we are all now segmented with where we live. When I have all my children in one place together, with me and my husband, relaxing and simply enjoying life — I am in heaven. This is why we just bought a lake house!”

As Laurie steps into the next chapter of her life, she does so with the same positive attitude that has served her for so long. She aims to age gracefully and with wisdom.

As for real estate, she has no plans of slowing down. “I would like to continue to sell real estate for a long time. I do not see ever giving it up. Perhaps I will pass on more referrals, but for now, I am livin’ the dream!”