Our goal is to provide a great home inspection at a reasonable cost, to be an integral part of the home buying or selling process, and to educate our clients.”

Avanti is Italian for progress, to move forward. When John Becci decided to create his own home inspection business, there was no better term in his mind that both captured his mission and background. “Our goal is to assist in the process to progress real estate deals,” says John.

To facilitate the progress of real estate deals, Avanti Inspections does a number of things to ensure their process is more efficient, effective, and beneficial for their clients. For instance, they try to have two inspectors on every inspection. As John explains, having two inspectors on every inspection ensures the inspections are completed faster, cutting down on the client’s time at inspection. In addition, the client can tour the property and ask questions of any inspector without having to run all around the home since they generally split up; the inspectors can also confer and discuss any items noted during the inspection and actually see any issues or possible issues in order to gain a better understanding or opinion.

At the end of the inspection, the inspector provides the client an overview of the inspection for the client via the tablets used during inspection and then sends the report to the client within hours, giving the client more time to make an informed decision about the property.   

“We love our work!” says John. “A friend of mine recently pointed out to me that Avanti Inspections has a five-star review rating from our inspections. After reading a number of the reviews, I learned that people really appreciate our professionalism, our eye for details, our willingness to make them feel comfortable and explain the home inspection to them.”

“We derive great pleasure from educating our clients and REALTOR® partners about their home, future home, and home inspections in general,” says John. “We are available seven days a week for whatever they need, and also provide classes for REALTORS® on what a home inspection includes and does not include, which has recently switched online, due to COVID-19.”

In addition to providing a fast, efficient, and educational experience to their clients, John says that Avanti Inspections provides a number of warranties (at no extra cost) on every inspection they complete, including a roof warranty against new leaks; mechanical coverage for plumbing, electrical and appliance; structural coverage involving home foundation; coverage on water and sewer lines; and mold protection. (Terms and limits apply).

John’s middle son, Jay Becci, works for Avanti Inspections along with his father. John and Jay make a great team and get numerous compliments from clients for their thorough work and professionalism.

Avanti Inspections is also a nod to John’s Italian roots and entrepreneurial upbringing. John grew up in Vienna, VA, working with both of his grandfathers, his father, uncles, and cousins in residential and commercial construction. His Italian grandfather was a master stonemason and master mason, and his German grandfather was a master cabinetmaker and master carpenter.

“My entire life, I have been an entrepreneur, following in my family’s footsteps,” says John. “I am a people person at heart, love helping people, and believe in win-win situations. As my parents and grandparents taught me: you have to look in the mirror at yourself and like who is looking back at you. If you can do that, you will be successful.”

John transitioned from construction to business and received his Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University with a double major in finance and accounting. He later earned his MBA from Queens University in Charlotte, NC, with concentrations in finance and marketing.

After years of working in the corporate world, John’s yearning to be his own boss became too great. He started many small businesses over the years, but eventually got into home inspections, when he was given the opportunity to become a major shareholder of a home inspection company. After doing his due diligence and accepting the offer, John acquired his licensing in order to serve the DMV area. But when his partners wanted to focus on the Florida market, John wanted to remain in the DMV area, near his childhood home. Thus, Avanti Inspections was born, to specifically service the DMV area.

Avanti Inspections provides home and light commercial property inspections, in addition to radon testing, termite (WDI/WDO) inspections, mold inspections, mold sampling, and air quality sampling.

Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also enjoys taking long walks, hikes, and communing with nature, which sometimes includes a canoe or kayak adventure. He loves to dance and enjoys most types of music, including opera, which he credits his Italian grandparents for.

To get John, Jay, and Avanti Inspection for your next home inspection, call 571-748-9591 or visit www.AvantiInspections.com for more information.