In 2003, Josh Dukes and his wife, Judy, purchased their first condo in Northern Virginia. The couple worked with Bruce and Sharon Wasz, two well-respected real estate agents.

“They sold us a house but treated us like family. They made sure we made the right financial moves,” Josh remembers.

After completing the transaction, the couples remained friends. They attended church together, and eventually, Bruce and Sharon became Josh and Judy’s life coaches.

“In 2015, when I got into real estate, it was because they decided to sit us down and say, ‘We have been searching for someone to work with us, learn the business the way we believe is true and right, and pass that lineage on,’” Josh reflects.

From the Army to Real Estate                       

At the time, Josh was still active in the Army.

“I was a drum major in the Old Guard, the official escort to the President of the United States,” Josh says.

Josh began selling real estate part-time, but remained active in the Army until late 2017, when he decided to retire to focus solely on real estate.

“The last six years have been a complete whirlwind. I started as a part-time agent for two years. While I was still in the military, I really dug into all of the Keller Williams events, training, mentoring. I went hard. I went to everything. I was a sponge,” Josh explains. “As Nicki Keohohou says, “If you want something bad enough, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

Josh wanted to succeed. He woke up every day inspired and driven. And in just six years, he’s well on his way to building one of the area’s top teams.

Leading the Charge

From his time in the Army to his role on the Wasz-Dukes Real Estate Team, Josh has always been a natural leader.

“I was a drum major and Master Sergeant in the Army. I’ve always run teams — high-level, high-stress, high-importance teams. It’s a default for me. I knew the people would be better agents if we put something together built on the right ethics and culture.”

Josh built the Wasz-Dukes Real Estate Team alongside their mentors, Bruce and Sharon. Bruce and Sharon provide decades of expertise and wisdom, while Josh brings leadership, work ethic, and strong values. His wife, Judy, is the team’s Logistics Manager.

“Our team is consistent in how we frame the way we service our clients,” Josh says. “It’s service above self. That encompasses what we really believe in — the utmost service, regardless of our own gain. Knowing that if we treat people right and really concentrate on their well-being, we will win together. It’s always a win-win for us.”

The Wasz-Dukes Real Estate Team currently consists of 14 agents and five support staff. In their first year, the team closed 40 transactions. Fast forward five years to 2020, and the team closed 181 transactions. (As of this writing, in late 2021, they were tracking to close around 250 transactions).

As Josh looks ahead, he sees a bright future — not because of the sales he’s completed, but because of the agents he has the pleasure of calling teammates.

“I literally work with some of the best people. Not just the best agents — the best people. We have successfully hired a bunch of leaders that I believe will grow our team in the right way over the next five years to service over 800 families and individuals per year. We’re putting in a frame and structure to have agent leaders, always growing themselves and their businesses with the idea of service above self.”



Josh has performed Irish music in the D.C. area for over twenty years. In 2009, he was even

named an All-Ireland champion guitar player, winning first place in County Offaly, Ireland.