“Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing I can do because then they will act.” – Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

A native Washingtonian and a 14-year real estate veteran, Josh Ross has put a concerted focus on giving back to the community that has given him so much. Through his work as a board member for the local charity So What Else, Josh is leading by example.

“It’s a great opportunity for people whose livelihoods are based on the communities we serve to learn about what the charity does,” Josh explains.

So What Else
Founded on altruistic principles, So What Else serves underprivileged youth in the D.C. Metro and downtown Baltimore areas. By providing a safe environment, they offer youth the opportunity to flourish through a variety of diverse summer and after-school programs, from fitness and nature to cooking and art.

The programs are innovative, enriching, and serve kids that don’t otherwise have the opportunities to engage in these positive, nurturing environments.

“Our diverse set of educational and recreational experiences position young people to make sound life choices and realize their full potential,” So What Else’s mission statement explains. It continues, “So What Else exists in a tripod of service: to provide out-of-school-time educational and creative programming to underserved youth, to promote volunteerism and provide resources and service to other community organizations, and to mobilize the youth we serve to, in return, pay it forward to their community through service.”

Unfortunately, school programs in metro areas are often underfunded. So What Else seeks to fill the gaps.

In 2018, So What Else has grown to serve over 3,000 kids in over 50 communities.

“My wife and I believe that we should give back to the community,” Josh explains. “Being on the board of So What Else fulfills our desire to give back and to help provide an opportunity for children to dream big.”

Josh’s wife, Alexandra, may not serve on the So What Else board, but to hear Josh describe it, she is intimately involved with the organization, helping with fundraising and increasing awareness.

So What Else keeps its vision of giving in the foreground. In short, their motto is to help the kids, help the community, and help the kids help the community.

An Integral Part of the Community
Josh originally learned about So What Else through the organization’s co-founders Dave Silbert and Bob Schless. With an innate drive and energy to serve the world around him, Josh extends his desire to give back through all aspects of his life – real estate included. “If we’re working with you or for you… We are committed,” Josh expresses.

After meeting his wife at a RE/MAX conference back in 2013, the two teamed up in life and in business, forming a partnership that thrives at all levels. Together, they run the Ross Residential Team.

Josh and Alexandra live a vibrant life. Traveling and spending time with their two dogs are at the top of their list of to-dos, alongside their work in real estate and in the community. “Somehow, all of our trips are planned around restaurants we want to try or hotels/resorts that look like a destination,” Josh laughs.

There’s a clear through-line in everything that Josh Ross does: to guide others to their highest potential. As a real estate agent, that means helping clients transition to the next step in their lives. With So What Else, it’s to support the local youth in aligning with their natural abilities.

You can help underprivileged youth with So What Else by volunteering, donating, or attending their annual gala. To learn more about So What Else, please visit www.sowhatelse.org.