Entrepreneurship and real estate: it’s in Kasey Martin’s lineage.

“I come from an entrepreneurial family,” Kasey begins. Her father, now 82 years old, ran a structural engineering firm in Rockville, Maryland, until recently. He also chaired the International Standards Committee (ISO TC170 2018) meetings in Moscow. Her mother is a licensed real estate broker in Maryland who started with District Maryland Realty way back in the 1970s. She still works there today — although her focus has shifted to investment properties. Kasey’s husband, Steve, owns a State Farm office in Germantown, Maryland. He has been an insurance agent for 37 years.

“Being surrounded all my life by these hard-charging business owners led me to want to blaze my own path. Mortgage lending was the perfect combination of number crunching and involvement with people. I couldn’t be happier with this career choice,” shares Kasey.

A native of Iowa, Kasey grew up with small-town values and a strong work ethic. Her family moved often during her childhood and teenage years. “That makes me more empathetic to the families I help today, especially those that are relocating,” Kasey explains.

Most of her adult life has been in Maryland. She graduated from Wootton High School in Rockville and completed her degree at the University of Maryland, College Park.

With FitzGerald Financial Group, Kasey self-describes herself as a “realtor’s lender.” She focuses on residential mortgages that are custom tailored to suit each client.

“I understand that your needs aren’t 9-to-5, so I make myself available to pre-qualify or answer questions as needed. You should know that behind my façade of good cheer, there is a tough and determined advocate for expediting each and every loan.

“I cultivate, nurture and respect relationships,” Kasey continues. “Realtors expect attention to detail, and I aim to ensure there are no surprises during the loan process. We thoroughly review the client applications and documentation up front. It’s enough for realtors to deal with negotiations, home inspections, and other details. I want to be the one piece of the equation they don’t have to worry about.”

Kasey and her team at FitzGerald Financial Group engage a host of top-notch technology to ensure that their clients and partners have the best experience possible. SimpleNexus is a phone app that allows clients to apply for a loan, upload documents, and follow the progress of their mortgage application in real time, all from their mobile phone. This software can also be shared with partners and realtors, allowing them the opportunity to follow along in the mortgage process from their smartphone. It’s one extra step of connectivity that streamlines the mortgage process.

Kasey and her team also employ a number of co-branded marketing pieces that create a cost-benefit analysis of owning versus renting. It’s an exceptional tool to pass along to clients, and hopefully, to convert leads into buyers.

Outside the office, Kasey’s greatest joy is spending time with her family, while relaxing with a cup of tea and chatting with good friends comes in as a close second. Kasey and Steve have three grown children — twin daughters and a son. “They have gifted us with five grandchildren and our granddog, Maggie. Steve and I both come from large families with lots of sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. There is always someone to share time and activities.”

Cheering on her grandkids’ sporting activities keeps Kasey busy, and she’s learned that she does have cell service on every ballfield in Maryland. Her parents have a second home in Costa Rica, and Kasey loves to find quick getaways for some sun and fun when her schedule permits. “And yes, I have a fully operational office in the house in Costa Rica,” she adds with a smile.

With a passion for her business and a love for her family, Kasey finds joy in every nook and cranny of her life. So, how does she define success?

“To be able to do what you love and love what you do!” Kasey exclaims. “Leaving a legacy for my grandchildren so that they will also respect hard work and learn to be kind to others.”

To partner with or get more information about FitzGerald Financial Group and Kasey Martin, visit www.KaseyMartin.com.