When Mansoora Dar first got her real estate license, she was too shy to tell anyone she was a real estate agent. “I thought they would think I was trying to ask for help or get business out of them,” Mansoora admits.

Mansoora was only focusing on small rental properties at the time. In fact, it was managing her own investment property that first piqued her interest in real estate. She had a friend who was an agent that would show her investment properties for passive income. “I had an interest and aptitude in business and always thought real estate was lucrative,” she explains.

Originally from Pakistan, Mansoora speaks five different languages and has a master’s degree in literature. She came to America with her husband, Rizwan, and first son 26 years ago, and was a full-time housewife when she decided to get her real estate license in 2006.

As Mansoora started real estate part-time, she had two more sons. Life was going considerably well for Mansoora and her family, and she didn’t really feel the need to do more than what she was doing. Then, out of nowhere, life hit. She was eight months pregnant with her fourth son and her first son had just started school when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and hospitalized. “I had to take charge of the family — financially, emotionally, and physically as well,” Mansoora recalls.

While it was difficult for Mansoora at first to accept the change and bear the full weight of the burden, things slowly started to fall into place. She began attending team meetings and took some additional classes, and soon her thinking began to change. “I thought to myself, ‘I cannot change my faith or my destiny — the only thing I can change is myself and my thinking.’ I had to be positive and optimistic and embrace the change with open arms.”

Mansoora created a mantra for herself, repeating the words: “People actually need my help because they don’t have the knowledge of the real estate market. Change your thinking; change your world.”

Mansoora also joined a running club around this time. She had never run before, but knew she had to push herself. With a lot of practice and hard work, she managed to keep up with everyone else, and that discipline reflected in her business as well. “The same thing that motivated me to keep running also motivated me in my work: sometimes all it takes is a little extra push and success comes your way,” she says.

An outside-the-box thinker, Mansoora looked for a niche she could carve her business into and started focusing on land acquisition and new construction when only a few were doing it. She specializes in this area today, with about 80 percent of her business centered on working with builders, assisting in land acquisition, and selling new construction. Mansoora closed almost $30 million in 2021.

“The most fulfilling thing about my work is connecting with people and trying to understand what it is that motivates their home search,” Mansoora says. “I’ve also become more compassionate about other people’s struggles over the years and have developed a desire to help those in need.”

“I am a true believer in the empowerment of women,” she continues. “I want every woman to stand up for themself, get a good education, and be professional by choice so they can make their own decisions in life. My professional plans include opening a charity organization to help women like me acquire education and a professional career. I want to use all of my opportunities to the best of my abilities to help others.”

As Mansoora keeps working toward her goals, she remains focused on growing her business while being the best mother and wife she can be. Family always comes first for her. When she is not working or busy with her four boys, Aman, Sadaat, Rehman and Hasan, she enjoys reading poetry, walking on trails, running, working out, watching movies, and playing board games.  

“I want to have a content and healthy lifestyle and create an atmosphere of tolerance and kindness around me,” she says. “I want to be remembered as one of the best real estate agents around, someone whom everyone can trust — an agent whom new agents can look up to, someone who didn’t waste their limited time here living someone else’s life.”

As Mansoora continues to help others live their own lives and change their thinking, she will, as her mantra says, ‘change the world.’