Tom Parmentier is the CEO and co-founder of MaxHousePrice. For many years now, Tom Parmentier has earned the respect and admiration of many in the “real estate world.” Tom and his long-time friend, Bryan Felder, became business partners when they launched MaxHousePrice in January 2019. MaxHousePrice all began as Tom desired to develop a new, more sensible option for when it is time to sell a home in need of pre-sale renovation. Tom wanted this option to benefit homeowners, real estate agents, and all the communities they serve.

Tom began his career in the exterior home-improvement industry. After several years, Tom made a changeover to the real estate investment world. He began as a home buying specialist at one of the largest real estate investment companies in the area, where he worked his way up to become the COO of the company. After more than a decade with the company, Tom began to brainstorm about a new business model that could truly provide greater benefit to the entire local real estate market.  

Typically, a homeowner’s options would be to sell the home in need of repairs “as-is,” sell to an investor, or try to manage stressful repairs on their own. Sometimes, there are even homeowners who ask their real estate agent to take over this overwhelming task. Unfortunately, these options can leave lots of money on the table and become stressful and time-consuming, and, ultimately, they may not even achieve the desired result.

With MaxHousePrice, the sensible business model and their “Win-Win Home Selling System,” there is a solution to all these problems. With the “Win-Win Home Selling System,” MaxHousePrice helps real estate agents and their clients by paying for and managing all pre-sale renovations to a home before the home gets listed for sale. The ultimate goal is to net the homeowner more money at sale, hence their tagline, “We NET you MORE!”

How does this system really work? MaxHousePrice begins the process by discussing with the agent and their clients a list of the most reasonable renovations to be completed before the home is listed for sale. MaxHousePrice is always cognizant of, and only recommends, renovations that will yield a high return on investment. Once that scope is refined and agreed upon, then MaxHousePrice pays for all the renovations and manages the project from start to finish. Best of all, MaxHousePrice doesn’t get paid until the home sells.

What sets MaxHousePrice apart from other renovation companies? MaxHousePrice wants both the real estate agent and their client to feel like their job is a top priority for them … because it is! MaxHousePrice keeps the real estate agent and their client informed about the work that is taking place, gets input on the selections, updates everyone regarding the project progress, and makes sure both progress and quality are being maintained throughout the entire project. An additional advantage is that MaxHousePrice is a local, small business that genuinely cares for those they are serving. Tom says referrals are the greatest compliment they can ever receive.

The benefits of MaxHousePrice are in the data that speaks for itself. Using the “Win-Win Home Selling System,” sellers gain, on average, an increase of $45,856 in net proceeds at sale, the average days on market stands at just 6 days … and, of course, higher commissions for the real estate agent.    

In order to best meet the needs of real estate agents and their clients, Tom and the MaxHousePrice team continuously refine their processes. Back in 2019, Tom began the company as the only employee and he handled all of the day-to-day operations, went on all the consultations, managed the projects, and everything else in between.  With all the growth and demand for MaxHousePrice, the team is growing faster than they ever could have imagined!  

At MaxHousePrice, their core values — Family First, Decisive, All-In, and Lead by Example — stand as a top priority. The MaxHousePrice construction team is now led by Dave, who brings over 30 years of construction expertise in the DMV. Matt assists Dave in day-to-day project management and helps consult on appointments. Natasha, MaxHousePrice’s client relations manager, keeps agents and their clients informed throughout the renovation process. To assist with the growing demand for consultations, Rhonda and Mathieu are there to lend a hand. Kristen assists with numerous administrative tasks and helps make parts of the process run smoothly. Last, but not least, Nicole, Tom’s wife, has been helping out behind the scenes since day 1 and is MaxHousePrice’s connections manager.  

Check out MaxHousePrice’s real-time project updates on Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about their process, visit or call/text 703-215-2144 and they’d be happy to chat!