The decision to enter real estate came at a significant point in Monica Gibson’s life. The company she was working for had asked her to move to their corporate headquarters in Connecticut. At the same time, she and her husband, Mark, a corporate accountant, wanted to start a family.

Being in the rigid corporate world, however, left little flexibility. So Mark suggested Monica go into real estate, pointing out it was something she had always wanted to do. “He didn’t have to say it more than once. I jumped right in,” Monica explains.

A Florida native, Monica graduated from the University of Florida with a BA and master’s in accounting, and accepted a job with KPMG in public accounting. After several years, she was ready for a more interesting and active job and left accounting for a position in corporate finance with Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Always looking to progress both personally and professionally, Monica decided to go back to school for her MBA, which is what led her to Chicago, where she attended the University of Chicago’s School of Business. She loved Chicago, and after graduating, Monica returned to the corporate world in a quasi-marketing/finance role, working for one of the world’s largest alcohol beverage companies. As the corporate world goes, another reorganization and business segment realignment would have required a move to the Northeast. And so, in 2003, Monica began her real estate career in the “Windy City.”

Monica knew she made the right decision to quit her job and enter real estate within the first week of starting her business. “I was going to work with a smile on my face. I wasn’t feeling anxious or stressed, but was rather excited and invigorated to do this job. I knew right away that there was nothing else I’d rather do,” Monica explains.

“I love the freedom to set my schedule, charter my course, focus on my areas of interest, and work with people I like to help achieve their goals of homeownership and wealth building. I also like the unlimited growth and income potential for myself,” she continues.

Monica and Mark made their way to Virginia in 2008, where Monica eventually landed with Keller Williams. In her 17 years in real estate, she has produced over $150 million in volume, $16.5 million in 2020, all as an individual agent. Her business today largely runs on referrals and repeat-clients.

“I believe hard work and doing the right thing pays,” says Monica. “There may not always be short-term benefits, but that’s okay. This is my job for the long-term and the foreseeable future. I’m self-motivated to always do a good job, and good work will eventually be recognized and rewarded.”

Monica never sees herself retiring. She and Mark have two teenage boys, Ryan (16) and Robert (14). Monica always tells her children to find a job they love, because then, whatever they do won’t feel like work, which is what she has discovered for herself. In fact, one of Monica’s favorite things to do is sit on the beach and negotiate contracts.   

“No matter where we go in the future, I will take my business with me,” she says. “My goal is to own four homes. One so I can lounge at the beach, another so I can sample good wine during harvest, another so my family and I can ski in the winter, and another so I can continue enjoying the cherry blossoms and working with the outstanding agents in the D.C. market.”

In addition to real estate, Monica is very involved with New Dominion Women’s Club, a local, civic fundraising organization. Her group hosts Reading-is-Fundamental at a local school, cleans up area roadways with Adopt-a-Highway, and participates in Rise Against Hunger, the McLean ArtFest, McLean Performing Arts programming, and various other community outreach efforts.

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.” Monica likes to think of this quote when helping her clients determine where they fit and how to get them to where they want to be. Monica feels fortunate to love what she does, working with people to achieve their real estate goals while giving back to the community. Monica will not only help many more people find a beautiful place of their own, she will continue giving back to make a beautiful community too.