“I was born into moving,” Jason Moyer begins.

In 1969, Jason’s grandfather, “Tiny” Gordon Moyer started the business, building it from the humblest of beginnings to the highly recognized company it is today.

“My Grandfather started this company by renting a moving truck. The first crew consisted of my grandmother, father, and three uncles,” Jason describes. As the local area blossomed in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, Tiny and his sons traveled back and forth around Montgomery County helping families move. When Jason graduated from high school, he couldn’t imagine another place he wanted to work. He jumped right into the family business.

Today, Moyer & Sons Moving & Storage has over 45 trucks and well over 60 employees that cover the entire nation. “I’ve known and loved the trucks, the people, and the community my whole life,” Jason expresses.

When Tiny Moyer started the business 50 years ago, he intended to treat every customer with respect, care, and dedication. “We continue to carry out this value today,” Jason says. “When we rededicated our facilities, we added a sign out front [with a quote from my grandfather] that says, ‘I rededicate this property to my family, employees, and friends. Without them, it would never be.’”

During a real estate transaction, the moving company is generally the last organization to get involved in the process. Months of hard work by real estate agents, loan officers, home inspectors, and the like have preceded the day the moving company arrives. With this knowledge in hand, Moyer & Sons have built a reputation for keeping the final step as simple as possible for the customer.

“We allow them to enjoy the new home they have always wanted,” Jason explains.

When Jason and his team are contacted early on in the moving process, they will come out to the home and provide a free estimate. “It helps us work with the customer and figure out what their needs are. Do they want us to do all the packing, are they trying to figure out a way to keep the costs down, or are there parts of the move that need special attention?” Jason details. “There isn’t a situation we haven’t seen.”

Jason also ensures confidence in his company by adhering to their values of trust and honesty. “The idea of moving has been given a bad name over the years by some less than ethical companies,” Jason reflects. “Moyer & Sons has been in the moving business for 50 years and has earned an exceptional reputation by listening to the customer.

“Each of our employees goes through a background check, is randomly drug tested, and is trained by Moyer & Sons. So, we know each person entering your home and trust they will move your important personal items with the grace and care needed.”

Jason is a family man at heart. He has two children and a wife that he’s known since high school. “She is my guiding light in life and could not be where I am without her,” Jason affirms.

“But my family is also at work,” he points out. “Each morning as I walk in the door, I get to see my father, brother, and cousins. As I walk to the other side of the warehouse, I find my uncles and cousins working in the warehouse and fleet.”

At Moyer & Sons, it’s a genuine family affair.

Moyer & Sons Moving & Storage is a full-service professional moving company with 50 years of knowledge and experience. For more information, visit www.moyerandsons.com. To partner with them, you can call Jason at (301) 869-3896 or email jason@moyerandsons.com.