Mynor Herrera, CEO of Mynor & Associates, Keller Williams Capital Properties, was born and raised in D.C. and has lived inside the Beltway his entire life. He attended DeMatha Catholic High School and American University, both of which he credits as having a tremendous impact on his life. However, it was his upbringing as the proud son of Guatemalan parents that was the catalyst for his tireless work ethic and ambition to succeed.

“I grew up with a different perspective than most people. My dad always told me that as a Latino, I would have to be better than everyone else just to be considered equal. When I was a kid and showing early signs of success in school and sports, he told me that I would not just be representing my family and school, I would also be representing our entire race. It was a huge responsibility to place on a little kid, but it’s one I took head on, and I still do,” Mynor shares.

At DeMatha, Mynor excelled as a student leader and was a National Prep Wrestling Champion. “Being surrounded by some of the brightest minds and best athletes in the country helped adjust my ceiling of achievement. I quickly realized that someone had to be the best, and that ‘someone’ could be me if I was willing to do the work,” he says.

He continued to aim for that high benchmark of success as he embraced new challenges at college. “Attending American University exposed me to people from a completely different socioeconomic level than mine. Their levels of expectations in their day-to-day lives were so much higher than mine, but they really weren’t any different from me as a person. Their perspective helped shift my outlook on what was possible. Upon reflection, it’s now easy to see that the work ethic instilled by my family was rewarded at DeMatha and put me in a position to succeed at a high level. My experience at American then redefined and elevated that level of achievement,” Mynor recounts. After graduating, Mynor landed a job in public relations and moonlighted as a DJ at several popular nightclubs in D.C. It was during this time that Mynor said his father indirectly played a pivotal role in sparking his fascination with real estate. “My dad kept pushing me to go to graduate school. When he realized I was dead set against it, he shifted his focus and encouraged me to buy a home. I was 22 and had no clue what I would do with a house, but he agreed to let me live my life if I bought one,” he laughs. “So at age 24, after saving all of my DJ money for two years, I bought a condo in downtown Bethesda in 1999.”

The timing was perfect. The area had yet to skyrocket, and Mynor was able to buy the condo at below market value. Even better, he rented out the second room, which essentially covered the mortgage. His successful investment experience gave him the confidence to buy two more rental properties in Ocean City, Maryland. By age 30, he already owned three properties and was becoming well-versed in what it would take to thrive in the real estate industry. A few years later, he decided to forego a ten-year successful career in public relations and dive head first into real estate graduating first in his class at the Weichert Real Estate Academy. Within six weeks, he sold his first home. By his second year, he was the No. 1 agent in his Bethesda office producing $10 million in sales.

He hasn’t slowed down since. Currently, in his 12th year as an agent, he is ranked among the top one percent of Realtors® nationwide and recognized as one of the nation’s top 250 Latino real estate agents. His total career volume is more than $250 million, and his 2017 volume was $40 million. The Mynor & Associates Team has been recognized by Washingtonian Magazine‘s Best of Real Estate from 2014–2018, earned the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) Top 250 Latino Agents Award 2014-2018, REAL Trends Top Ranking Team 2015–2018, Keller Williams Capital Properties Bethesda-Chevy Chase Team of the Year 2014–2016, and Keller Williams Capital Properties Bethesda-Chevy Chase Group of the Year in 2017.

For Mynor, success is when you actualize on your potential. “People who are successful are simply those who failed but didn’t stop pursuing their goals,” he says. “I like challenges. I’m competitive. I like to succeed. Most of all, I enjoy the journey of trying to become the best. I may never actually achieve that, but it will never stop me from striving to be the best possible version of myself. It’s all about the process.”

Mynor adds that he brings a high level of passion and energy to his work and a sense of levity that creates a fun working culture. “I do what I say I will do. We all know how to succeed in real estate, but we don’t all do it. It’s not rocket science. Our team is disciplined in our approach. We focus on our one thing: the first domino. Then we go from there. We understand that success is sequential, not simultaneous.”

He emphasizes that even though success is simple, it is not easy. “Don’t overcomplicate things. Build your database, grow it, and communicate with it 33 plus times a year. And, never stop learning. Ever. I am rarely the smartest person in the room. If I am, I find a different room.”

Mynor suggests that agents who want to start a team should take their time and start hiring well before they feel it is necessary. “If you do it the right way, you will only have to hire three people, to begin with: an administrator, a lead buyer’s agent, and a lead listing agent. They should build the empire for you. Constantly be on the hunt for talent. If you are looking for that one-out-of-a-hundred talent, then you will need to speak with 100 people. Also, always be on the lookout to replace yourself, even if you aren’t at that point yet, because one day you will be and you want to have a bench to tap.”

Mynor and his wife, Ina, have two children, Espen, 12, and Enrique, 9. Ina is an artist as well as the creative director of the Mynor & Associates Team. Both Espen and Enrique are straight-A students, play soccer and are wrestlers. Mynor helps coach his oldest son’s soccer team along with his father. He also is the head coach of both boys’ wrestling teams. “Being able to coach with my dad is awesome. I also realize I only have a handful of years left with my kids before they go to college, and I want to create a strong foundation of success, as well as memories that last a lifetime.”

Mynor understands that creating a healthy work/life ratio is a balancing act. “Sometimes it tilts towards work and sometimes towards your personal life. You just have to communicate with your family, and yourself, as to which way you are tilting. You also have to understand that it’s extremely rare to have a true real estate emergency. We often create these stories in our head about expectations, but as long as you have great communication and a high level of service, clients will be fine. So, go ahead and enjoy your life.”

Mynor adds, “I like that we can work in a culture that is more reflective of us as people and that we have the opportunity to make an impact on one of the most significant decisions of people’s lives. And although I love real estate, I keep things in perspective and understand that it is what I do — it is not who I am. It’s important to me to be remembered as being a good father, husband, family man, mentor, and friend, and as always having a smile on my face.”