Do not judge me by my successes; judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” —Nelson Mandela

Noel Tuggle has been friends with Eric Pearson since they were high schoolers. When they were in their early twenties, they worked alongside each other waiting tables. Noel has fond memories of those times. “I worked alongside a few friends, and we would all work together. It was a really fun time,” he reflects.

As the years went on, most of Noel’s friends found their way into different careers. Eric tried his hand at accounting before building a career in real estate. Noel stayed in the restaurant business for almost a decade. “Real estate took off for Eric,” Noel reflects. “I’ll never forget this. Back in 2013, 2014, he came in with his wife, Janet, and said, ‘You really need to get into real estate. You’d be awesome at it.’”

But Noel wasn’t interested. He was happy in the restaurant business. He didn’t feel ready to make a big change. “But fast forward a few years, my dear, late friend David Speed, encouraged me to just give it a try. After going to a class, I began to warm to it. So I went to another class, and before you know it, I was diving in.”

Full Commitment

Noel began his real estate career in 2016, and for a few months, he balanced real estate and his work at the restaurant. But after he had a few of his shifts covered to show houses, his bosses at the restaurant sat him down. “They wanted me to be as committed to their work as my work to real estate,” Noel remembers. “I never felt the restaurant was my career. Real estate was my career and passion.”

Noel’s bosses said they’d give him the weekend to consider his next move. He decided he didn’t need it. Noel quit on the spot, and just like that, he was a full-time REALTOR®.

“At this point, I was pretty much broke. I hadn’t closed a house yet. I just got my license. I bet on myself.”

Always a People Person

Noel’s career was slow to get started, but he has developed his business into one of Virginia’s best in the years since. In 2020, he closed 46 deals for $21.8 million, and in 2021, he closed 41 deals for just shy of $22 million. He has been a Top 25 agent at Pearson Smith Realty since 2019.

“One of the hardest things is staying consistent. It was hard the first year. I only sold two or three houses, but I stayed afloat,” Noel reflects. “Year two, it really started to click. People really started to trust me.”

Noel believes that his level of care is the difference-maker in his success. “I asked one of my first clients, ‘What made you go with me?’ They said, ‘You were just genuine. You answered our questions. You admitted when you didn’t know an answer, and you actually picked up the phone.’ What separates me is that I give a shit.”[1] 

After growing up in the Midwest, Noel moved to Virginia as a teen. He found he had an easy time making friends, and that skill has carried over into his adult life. His ability to connect with folks from different walks of life is uncanny.

One Eye on the Future

Noel is now settled into his real estate career. His next big goal is to build a team — and hopefully, free up more time to be with his family. He and his wife, Ashley, have a son, Ryder (10), and a daughter, Story (1). “I want to work the same amount next year, but I also want to be able to spend time with my family when it matters,” Noel says.

As Noel looks ahead, consistency, balance, and longevity are in focus. “I will take on anything to help my clients out, and I have a hard time letting stuff be done by somebody else. That’s why I’m a top producer. You have to have a schedule and commit to it. There are so many things that will push or pull you in real estate,” Noel says. “At the same time, family is so important. We have to make time for what’s important.”