World traveler, Air Force pilot, U.S. Customs official, Fortune 500 executive, musician, home inspector, business owner — throughout his life, Carl Craig has worn an astounding number of hats. His drive, creativity, and zest for life are apparent and his accolades are remarkable. Yet, he says one title stands above all the rest: Dad.

In 2015, Carl gave up his career as a corporate executive and purchased a HomeTeam Inspection Service franchise so that he could enjoy more quality time with his family. He calls it his “do-over.”

“I hardly ever saw my sons while they were growing up because of my military and government service,” Carl says. And he definitely didn’t want to do that again with his daughters.

With HomeTeam Inspection Service, Carl combines all of his prior experiences in life to provide exceptional service, top technological solutions, and, perhaps most importantly, a family-first approach.

The Early Years: From Military Brat to Air Force Pilot

Carl Craig is the son of Carl E. Craig, Sr., and Hiroko Nemoto Craig. A South Carolinian by birth, Carl was also a military brat and subsequent world traveler. Before he was even 14 years old, he had already spent 10 years in Japan and circled the globe twice, with stops in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In high school, Carl was an accomplished athlete. He was quarterback of the football team, a pitcher and infielder for the baseball team, a point guard for the basketball team, and broke 70 as a golfer at age 13. Despite all his athletic and academic efforts, however, Carl’s deepest desire was to be a fighter pilot and an astronaut.

Carl secured 35 scholarships to colleges around the United States before accepting an Air Force ROTC Pilot scholarship to the University of South Carolina. He was commissioned in the US Air Force in 1978 and received his Air Force pilot wings in 1979. He has flown the T-37, T-38, and the F-4 Phantom in his Air Force career, and has over 3,000 flying hours as a military and commercial-rated pilot.

Leading the Way

While still in the Air Force, Carl stepped into a role in the federal government. Carl’s career had parallel tracks and overlapping timelines in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Customs (later DHS), and in total, he has over 42 years of government service.

“I served as an advisor at the White House for President George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Clinton,” Carl says. “When Homeland Security was created, I served as an Associate Director on Secretary Tom Ridge’s staff. The pinnacle of my law enforcement career came when his operational team captured the ‘Beltway Snipers,’ John Mohamed and John Lee Malvo in 2002.”

After retiring from government service, Carl went on to hold executive positions at multiple Fortune 500 organizations, including Director of Government Sales at AgustaWestland Helicopter, Vice President at Sentrillion, and, most recently, Vice President of Cessna Aircraft.  

The Journey Home

Despite Carl’s success in government and business, he laments the lost time with his two older sons. As he watched his daughters grow, he was determined not to make the same mistake again.

Carl is married to the former Emily June Grogan and has four children: Michael, Matthew, Evelyn, and Cathleen. Carl’s loftiest title has been “Dad.”

In 2015, he purchased the local HomeTeam Inspection Service franchise. This move not only allowed him to continue to serve his community but as a business owner in full control of his hours, he was able to step into a more active role as a father.

With HomeTeam, Carl brings his military, law enforcement, and leadership skills to the table. He’s running a non-traditional business that focuses on technology and creative solutions to come through for his clients.

“We use a team of diverse, well trained, licensed, and certified inspectors to perform quality home inspections in the D.C. and Virginia area,” Carl explains. “We use a team of inspectors to perform every inspection. In doing so, we have multiple eyes and training backgrounds, which affords us a unique perspective on every inspection.”

Using multiple inspectors yields a better result and allows Carl and his team to complete inspections in less time than competitors. They employ some of the most advanced technology in the business: moisture meters, electronic measuring devices, infrared cameras, high-resolution flash cameras, and occasionally, a drone.

“My biggest win-win is serving the community where I live and helping families purchase their home with confidence. It’s ensuring a dynamic relationship with my real estate agent partners.”

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