“We are focused on making your experience and that of your clients as seamless and smooth as possible by meeting today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow.”

Fred Westerlund, CEO of MBH Settlement Group, has dabbled in real estate for decades. Alongside his wife, Chryssa, Fred has owned several investment properties and is an active DIYer.

“From a career perspective, I got my start in real estate in mortgage lending,” Fred explains, “and enjoyed it thoroughly, particularly the customer service aspect. When you’re helping someone to maximize their ability to purchase their first home, it’s a real thrill.”

Fred worked for a homebuilder in the mortgage division, and there was an opening at their title insurance company. While he hadn’t previously considered leaving the mortgage side of the business, he recognized an opportunity to learn more about the process of home buying.

“Learning every aspect of the real estate business from the ground up has provided incredible perspective,” Fred reflects. “Getting my start in title insurance almost 15 years ago, I’ve seen a lot.”

Although Fred has since left that company, he’s remained in the title insurance business because he’s found that it provides a unique way of impacting the real estate transaction and his clients.

“We tie everything together at the end and ensure that the property — the basis of the transaction and most people’s largest investment — is transferred accurately,” Fred explains.

Built on Service
Fred has built his business on hard work and a desire to serve. He was raised in a blue-collar family of veterans, coaches, and teachers.

“I was fortunate to have good, caring teachers as well, and a strong upbringing, in terms of our Christian faith. Then, I learned how to apply the concepts of teaching and service as a leader while at West Point and serving in the Army,” Fred says.

Fred brings that same leadership and a desire to serve to the title insurance industry. He also brings a deep sense of community advocacy to his work. Fred believes that if he puts his clients, communities, and teams first, then a smooth and accurate transaction will follow. Clients will be happy, partners will be happy, and colleagues will be happy.

“Consequently, we focus on providing the supportive environment and the tools our teams need to be successful,” Fred says. “And [we focus] on being active members of our communities. We’ve demonstrated our commitment by increasing our charitable giving over 600% in the past two years and have maintained our own internal title department for timely and accurate search results.”

According to Fred, MBH Settlement Group’s client satisfaction surveys have a response rate of almost 40 percent, and their client satisfaction rating is an impressive 96 percent.

“Our expertise, technology, and resources ensure that we can provide the service that you’re seeking.”

Seeking a Win-Win
“[Our biggest win-win is] when the settlement is completed, and everyone is happy: the agents are happy for their clients, their clients are ecstatic, and we get to say ‘Congratulations!’ I love those happy, post-settlement photos,” Fred smiles.

In the end, Fred is all about serving others. Whether he’s serving his colleagues and employees, his partners, his community, or his clients, the goal remains the same.

“Every day I go to work, my focus is on serving others. That may sound like a cliché, but it’s really not. It’s been my experience that serving others yields the best results.”

For Fred, success is a multifaceted goal. Success includes a happy and healthy family, where each member feels loved and supported. Success includes serving the community. “How active have I been? How much have I given?” Fred asks. “And, ‘How much have I grown,’ is another way I measure success.”

At MBH, Fred measures success in terms of the quality of service he’s providing, the relationships he’s building, and the tools and resources he’s delivering to his team.

“As a company, MBH is constantly evolving to serve you. We’ve changed so much in the past two years, delivering new services and tools, and we’re going to continue to do so. We are all ears and want to hear about your needs and how we can make your job easier.”

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