Standing On the Shoulders of Giants
“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” —Isaac Newton

“I have been in and around the mortgage business my entire life,” John begins. John’s father has been working in the industry for three-and-a-half decades, and he recalls being a kid watching his father call on real estate offices, take calls late at night, and drive his business to success. It was in those early years that John was taught the work ethic and dedication that he brings to work with him today.

“There is no substitute for hard work in any business and I was fortunate to have an excellent role model and mentor as I started in the industry,” John explains. He first entered the industry as an intern after graduating high school and worked for Intercoastal Mortgage Company during summers throughout college. By 2004, John was working for Intercoastal full-time.

“I was able to learn the nuts and bolts from some of the most well-respected veterans in the industry,” he explains.

A Difference-Maker
A genuine family business, Intercoastal Mortgage Company is a residential mortgage lender that provides all types of financing solutions in most states up and down the east coast.

“I believe that my success is due to my experience,” John explains. “It allows me to understand the loan file and, in essence, underwrite the borrowers at the time of pre-approval. Quoting a rate and sending an estimate is easy, but being able to quickly identify and address potential bumps in the road is what I believe sets me apart from others.”

John has made a name for himself for doing things well — and on time.

“A closing date is a hard deadline and not a suggestion,” he says. “If I say we’re going to get it done, we will. This, my accessibility and the ease of my process is what brings my clients back to me again and again.”

John also understands that often, important decisions are made after normal business hours or on the weekend. He and his team keep themselves available to assist during off-hours.

Standing By His Word
“I don’t make false promises. When I say I can do something, I’ll do it and, more importantly, by the specified deadline.”

While John has a large team, he remains personally involved with every client.

“The strength of my team allows me to spend more time on qualifying the borrower at the time of the initial loan application, which I feel is the most important part of the process,” John says. “This also means that when you call, you’ll likely get me on the first try or get a quick call back in the event I’m on the other line or another team member can’t answer. We also very much believe in keeping all parties updated on progress throughout the loan process. I have designed a system to ensure that the buyer and their agent are always aware of where things are in the process, without having to ask. It is my goal to not only be an added value to the transaction but to also remove the stress from the transaction so the buyer and their agent can focus on the more exciting parts of buying a home.”

Experience Matters
John, his wife, Dawn, and their daughter, Kyle, live in Arlington. While John and Dawn love to travel, most of their time these days is spent chasing their 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter around.

“My wife and I both value experiences over things, and so before we had Kyle, we traveled often. We just took Kyle on her first international trip to England to meet my grandfather, her great-granddad. It is the first of hopefully many international adventures together as a family,” John smiles.

In both his personal and his professional lives, John values experience. This high value on experience is where his team’s motto — “Experience Matters” — comes from.

“The experience of my team will add value to any transaction, but it’s also about the client having a positive experience throughout the process,” John says.

A Win-Win
“To me, the best type of transactions are when I feel like I really helped someone,” John smiles. “It’s not the person that has perfect credit and is putting 20% down. It’s the client who I’ve been working with for sometimes up to a year to improve their credit to put them in a place where they can buy a home.”

“[I want to be remembered for] doing the right thing, every time.”

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