“To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?” —Katharine Graham

Purchasing a home can be a magical experience for individuals and families; it can also be a stressful one. Often, buying a home, moving, and all of the associated costs can strain the financial flexibility of a family. When a primary system or appliance breaks or fails, they may not have the money to repair or replace it on hand — but they still need the fix.

Home warranties have the ability to lift the stress off the shoulders of homebuyers. When a home warranty is in place, major systems can be fixed or repaired for nothing more than a nominal trade fee.

Warranties can be one of the most overlooked options in a real estate transaction, and yet, homes listed with a warranty may command a higher price and sell faster than their counterparts. In addition, explaining the benefits of a home warranty to buyers helps to outfit them with what they need to protect their most significant asset: the home that they inhabit. Explaining the benefits of a home warranty shows that you care and you have the client’s best interest at heart.

A recent HousingWire article stated that 44 percent of homeowners experience their first unexpected repair within the first year after closing and that the average homeowner has $1,000 or less in reserves for repairs after making the biggest purchase of their lives. For these folks, a home warranty can be a lifesaver.

That’s where Molly Flory and Old Republic Home Protection step in.

Old Republic Home Protection has been providing home warranties in the real estate industry for over 45 years. Molly, herself, has been with Old Republic for a decade and a half. In 2019, Old Republic paid over $130 million in claims. “We are dependable (A+ BBB rating),” Molly says. “We have built a solid reputation on the service we provide.”

Molly previously worked for a luxury builder and was a licensed real estate agent. When the opportunity to introduce Old Republic to the Virginia real estate market was presented to her, she jumped on it.

“I am fascinated with the real estate industry, so when the opportunity came up, I decided this was for me,” Molly reflects.

Molly was raised with strong ethics, a commitment to honesty, and a lot of love; she brings these qualities to her work with Old Republic Home Protection daily.

“[I believe in] service, above all else,” Molly continues. “I am honest and sincere. I care deeply about the people I work with.”

One of Molly’s primary goals is to work with educated real estate agents who understand the value of a reputable home warranty. She firmly believes that she can help these agents build their referral business, and over the past 15 years, has proven this strategy’s truth.

“A home warranty can help real estate agents build their referral business,” Molly explains. “We take care of sellers and buyers before and after the sale. Our warranty can literally save their clients thousands of dollars in repairs…Old Republic’s goal is to offer comprehensive coverage and quality service at reasonable rates. We handle claims on a case-by-case basis. [We are] fast, friendly, and efficient.”

For Molly, the most fulfilling part of her work is, as she explains, “hands down, the many people I meet and work with throughout this area through real estate firms, title companies, seminars, committees, and my affiliation with the local boards.” She also has a love for following the ever-changing real estate market.

“[Success is] making a positive difference in the lives I touch each and every day,” Molly continues with a smile. “[I want to be remembered for] making as many people laugh as I can…for making others feel loved and appreciated.”

With deep care and a big heart, Molly is out to make every client, every partner, and every individual she interacts with in life feel her love and appreciation.

Founded in 1974, Old Republic Home Protection offers a well-balanced mix of home warranty coverage, price, and service with genuine care. For more information, please visit my.orhp.com/mollyflory.