“Have more than you show; speak less than you know.”
– William Shakespeare, King Lear

“Homeowners are stretching their budgets, leaving very little in savings to cover a system or appliance failure. That makes the home warranty a vital piece of the contract.”

Owning a home is one of the most rewarding journeys a family can embark upon, and, yet, it’s not always easy. When home systems break down or major appliances fail, coming up with the finances to replace or repair them can often be a challenge. Finding a trustworthy service technician can be a significant hurdle too.

That’s where Cinch Home Services steps in. With over four decades of industry experience, Ron Nocera, Annie Murphy, and the Cinch Home Services team are committed to making home repairs simpler for their clients.

“Cinch uses smart, modern tools and award-winning customer support to remove the guesswork around preventing, diagnosing, and solving a wide variety of home-related issues,” Ron begins. “Through digital-forward strategies, platforms, and initiatives, Cinch is modernizing home-management services to address today’s customer needs.”

Cinch employs over 900 people, partners with thousands of reliable, pre-screened service professionals, and guarantees covered repairs for an industry-leading 180 days. Modern tools get homeowners the help that they need, when they need it – whenever or wherever that happens to be. A nationwide network of service pros (who Cinch has vetted) ensures repairs get done right.

Getting to Know You: Ron Nocera
Growing up, Ron Nocera was heavily influenced by his father’s entrepreneurial spirit. The Nocera family owned a variety of businesses, ranging from international housing to oil and gas to land development. One of those businesses was HMS Home Warranty.

Ron’s family owned and operated the HMS franchises for the Mid-Atlantic, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida regions, and Ron worked for his family business until the end of 2012. At that time, HMS, the franchisor, bought back all of the franchises throughout the United States, and in 2019 they rebranded to the current name, Cinch Home Services.

Ron has been with HMS Home Warranty and Cinch Home Services for a combined (and impressive) 27 years.

“Cinch is a 40-year-old business,” Ron explains.

Outside the office, Ron enjoys spending time with his family. Whether it’s traveling or just hanging out watching a movie, Ron’s family time is most dear to him.

Getting to Know You: Annie Murphy
Annie began her professional career working in quality assurance for Blue Cross Blue Shield in North Carolina. After a decade, she relocated to Northern Virginia, where she took on the role of customer service manager with what was then HMS. Seven years ago, she transitioned into a position as an account executive. Annie utilizes her 17 years of experience and expertise to teach her real estate agent partners how to use home-warranty services as a tool for repeat and referral business.

Annie enjoys working side by side with local real estate agents and business owners in order to better her neighborhood and the surrounding communities.

Outside of work, Annie is an active member of her community and her local church. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her beloved pooch. She also enjoys cooking and gardening (growing her own herbs).

Partnering for Success
With a combined 35-plus years of experience in the home-warranty business, Ron and Annie have a clear understanding of how important it is to build and maintain lasting, strong relationships with real estate partners. It’s how they’ve built their business into one of the top home warranty services in Northern Virginia, and is a pillar of their success.

Ron and Annie understand that partnering with agents is all about creating value. They know they must be an asset to their partners.

“I like to see the warranty help create repeat and referral business for the real estate agent,” Ron explains.

There are a multitude of ways in which offering a home-warranty service to new buyers can provide value for a real estate agent.

“Cinch’s home-warranty plan can help your business by protecting the home sale from last-minute delays, offering peace of mind to potential home buyers, and reducing post-close risk,” Ron says.

“And with inventory being at a record low,” Annie adds, “homeowners are stretching their budgets, leaving very little in savings to cover a system or appliance failure. That makes the home warranty a vital piece of the contract. It’s the best financial decision and safety net that a homeowner can have after closing on a home.”

For more information, please visit cinchhs.com.