“I never lose focus on what being a financial advisor is all about — and that’s helping people and protecting their wealth.”

A native of Rockville, Maryland, Paul Coroneos always had a keen interest in the world of finance and investments. Coupled with a genuine desire to help others build the lives of their dreams and to give back to the community, Paul has found a home at Foresters Financial Services.

Building a Career
Rewind to Paul’s teenage years, and you’ll find a young man that was already building an interest in investing. “As early as middle school, I began participating in mock stock market programs,” Paul reflects. “So, as soon as I progressed through the different stages of my education, a career in finance was a very natural choice.”

“My goal is to have as big an impact on as many people as possible by helping them achieve their goals,” Paul explains. With Foresters Financial, he has been able to do just that. Paul has a genuine passion for helping others. As an investor with real estate holdings in his own portfolio, Paul’s personal experience puts him in a unique position to bring knowledge and experience of real estate markets to the table.

The Desire to Give
“No one has ever become poor by giving.” 
–Anne Frank

For Paul, one of the main draws to Foresters Financial was the company’s dedication to giving back to local communities through neighborhood programs, charities, and scholarships.

“Foresters Financial is unique in that — due to its heritage as a fraternal benefit society — its focus is on giving back, both to its members and to the communities and charities its members are passionate about,” Paul explains. According to Paul, Foresters invested more than $500 million in claims and member benefits, including $2.2 million in competitive scholarships for students in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom in 2017 alone. 

“We also provided over $4.4 million towards community initiatives, such as care packages, community beautification, create and construct, meal help, volunteer support activities, and fun family events where our members can spend quality time with their families at no cost.”

The ability to tie in community work with the desire to impact clients in a positive way on the investment side means Foresters Financial allows Paul to bring a total package of virtue into the world.

In practice, Paul focuses on building relationships, not generating sales. He’s confident that real estate agents can relate to that sentiment. “Because I am so passionate about my clients as people,” he explains, “I take into account their entire situation, not just the financial element, to address their needs in the most holistic manner possible.”

Family Time
In 2016, Paul and his wife Melissa were married in Greece. In 2017, they welcomed their first child Charlie into the world. “Our greatest enjoyment at this stage in our lives is watching Charlie grow and learn new things each day,” Paul says.

“Whenever I am not working, my favorite way to spend time is to be with my family, whether that is playing with my daughter, working out at the gym where my wife works as a trainer, or relaxing together at home.”

The same patience and dedication that Paul displays in his work as a financial advisor extends to every corner of his life — family time included. As a father, a husband, and an advisor, Paul is intently focused on simply doing what is best. “And, the rest will take care of itself,” he says.

Foresters Financial Services, Inc. provides everyday families and individuals with financial solutions, guidance, and tools to meet their needs across all life stages. For more information, visit www.foresters.com.