If you were to ask Raj Tamang what he would want to do on vacation, he would say work. That’s how much he loves helping people build their custom dream home with Green Valley Custom Builders.

“I love getting involved with homeowners in designing and building their dream home. When I see my customers happy, it pleases me the most, both professionally and personally. My personal goal and purpose in life is to be a decent human being, live a meaningful and purposeful life and help others in need. I feel like I do that every day with Green Valley Custom Builders,” says Raj.

Green Valley Custom Builders is a one-stop-shop firm that offers a full suite of services and an in-house team of professionals, including designers, architects and engineers that work directly with their clients from the beginning to end, for any size project, so that they don’t have to deal with multiple companies.

Raj says their contracting terms and pricing are completely transparent so that the relationship and trust can start from day one. Honesty, integrity and having a giver’s heart are very important to Raj. “I believe if we focus on doing the business right and honest way, we will make money,” says Raj. “Seeing our customers happy and excited is our goal. Success is not just about making money. It is about doing the right thing, being fair to everyone, and living a peaceful, meaningful family life without worrying about paying bills.”

“It is Mahatma Gandhi who said, ‘There is enough on Earth for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.’ I am never worried about competition. I truly believe there is enough on Earth for everyone’s need,” Raj continues.

Much of running an honest, people-first business boils down to communication. Raj says they work to educate real estate agents and their customers about their entire process early on, outlining the total budget, home specifications (items included and not included), and allowances for each item, to avoid or minimize change orders and future misunderstandings.

Raj places people’s well-being above everything. He says that at Green Valley Custom Builders, they are always emphasizing the “why” of their work, and not the “what” of it, which always comes back to helping people. “I truly believe that whatever we think we do (construction, engineering services, retail, consulting services, and so on), we are in the business of dealing with people. We are in the people business. Therefore, it is very important that we treat people with respect and dignity if we wish to succeed in our business, professionally and/or personally as well,” he says. “We always thrive to provide the best possible services to our customers in the residential, custom home industry. At the end of the day, when our customers are happy with our services, and we can also pay our staff, subs, and vendors on time on a regular basis, that’s a win-win for me,” says Raj. 

Although Raj loves working and is always running around, he loves spending time with his family whenever he gets the chance. He and his wife, Kabita, have two kids, Norah (11) and Nolan (5), who are both very active in soccer. Raj also loves playing soccer in his free time and enjoys watching sports.

To get Raj and Green Valley Custom Builders on your next custom build, visit www.greenvalleycustombuilders.com or call 703-865-5440.