“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” –Steve Jobs

“I am a little bit of a dork,” Diana Morahan begins with a smile. “I truly love what I do for the joy of the job.”

Since launching her real estate career in 2015, Diana Morahan has found that the one thing that keeps her engaged, day in and day out, is her genuine passion for the work that she does. She cherishes the opportunity to advise others on the home buying and selling process, create ease, and grow meaningful relationships.

“There are few opportunities to know individuals and families in such a personal way,” Diana says. “At the end of the transaction, I feel joy for them, but also a tint of sadness because I know I won’t be talking to them twice a day. I love being there for them and helping ease their burden, to be their cheerleader. My clients are the most wonderful and exceptional people ever, and it is such a joy to serve them.”

The Path to Real Estate
Before starting a family, Diana was a molecular immunologist; after obtaining her master’s degree in immunology and microbiology, she worked for Human Genome Sciences studying immune system modulation and drug development. While Diana’s love for the sciences and the joys of exploration were strong, her desire to have a family was much stronger. Her children became her number one priority, and she stayed at home with them for 12 years.

In true Diana fashion, it was love for her children that drew Diana back into the workforce.

“The reason I went back to work was to pay for high school. Our kids all go to Catholic school, and it became more than we could handle on one salary. It has been a great opportunity to earn revenue and still have time for my family.”

Creating Success
Long and Foster has been the perfect launching pad for Diana’s career. “They provide a foundation of trust, excellence, and family, and the training/support to excel in all things. It is a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where agents lift by rising others,” Diana explains.

Since 2015, Diana has slowly risen up the real estate agent rankings. She has been recognized as a top producer in the McLean Long and Foster office, and as a top agent by the Washingtonian. In 2019, she will close over $30 million in business.

Yet, it’s not the awards or statistics that drive Diana to success.

“Income and stats are a great perk, but the best in the business truly do it for the joy of the job. My heart is in it, and my clients know that my highest priority is serving them to the best of my ability,” Diana says.

Working with Joy
“It is a true privilege and pleasure to help clients get to their next phase, whether selling or buying. It is truly an honor to have their trust, and it is not a role I take lightly. I work to protect their interests, provide guidance, and minimize the stress,” Diana continues. “For me, this business is about the joy of helping others. If that is where your heart is, you will succeed for them (and for you).”

By continually tapping into joy, Diana creates an environment that is ripe for success. The home buying or selling process naturally becomes more easeful, and clients achieve greater satisfaction.

When Diana says that she sells each house as if it were her own, it’s more than just a catchy phrase; it’s a level of dedication.

“It is an honor to be given the opportunity to sell a home. Whether it is a small condo or a multimillion-dollar home, it is usually an owner’s greatest asset. I treat all clients with the same level of respect, dedication, and work ethic.”

When we asked Diana what her goals are, her answer was telling. In place of statistics and awards, she spoke of client satisfaction and continued joy in the workplace.

“Success is finding joy in what you do and bringing value to others,” Diana smiles. “This job isn’t a hobby for me, it is a love. I don’t know how to do anything other than my best in all things. My goal is to do the best I can with every day.”