Lyndsey Daigle exemplifies grace and empathy, not only in her transactions but throughout her life. Her favorite quote is by Winnie the Pooh: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” She states, “This seems like a silly children’s quote, but after the tragic loss of my sister six years ago, I realized that the grief we feel in loss is just the love you had for that person looking for somewhere to go. I was so blessed to share and be part of her way-too-short life, and have been blessed to know and love so many people. When saying goodbye is hard, it is because you have been given the gift of love. Cherish those you love, they are a blessing.”

Since becoming a real estate agent three years ago, Lyndsey feels blessed to have found a career that she loves that also allows her to balance the needs of her family. And she defines success not by money, but by presence.

“For me, success is helping my clients reach their real estate goals, earning an income to help support my family, and never missing a gymnastics meet at the same time. I do not measure my success by dollar volume. That just isn’t how I was raised. I was taught from a young age that money isn’t the be-all and end-all. Sure, it’s nice to have, but it’s also so replaceable. Your character, your honor, and your word matter so much more than the not-so-mighty dollar. Success, to me, is when my clients tell me that they are thankful I was the one by their side for their transaction.”

Lyndsey has been married to her husband Josh for 14 years. They met and were married at 18 and 19 years old, and have three children, Savannah (12 years old), Makenna (8), and Jaxon (4). Outside of real estate, she enjoys attending her kids’ activities and cooking, baking, photography, and crafting, and loves the beach. Her planner is one of the keys to her success, as she learned early on that scheduling was essential to keep her completely focused on work when she is working and completely focused on her family when she is with them.

She also feels blessed to have started her career in real estate with Weichert, REALTORS®. “Their education, mentor programs, and constant opportunities for community involvement really leave no option for failure. When they say Weichert Gold … well, they mean it! An open mind and willingness to learn was crucial to my success, and their continued support and education keep us two steps ahead.”

Giving back without expecting anything in return is also a way of life for Lyndsey. Together with her office, they support a wide variety of cancer research organizations, the local food bank, and help area children at the holidays.

“Since I began my career as a real estate agent, I have made it my purpose to not be a pushy salesperson. I want to connect to my clients and get to know them; that helps me immensely in finding the right home for them. I am a person of my word, and I value honesty and kindness above all else,” she emphasizes. “There are nearly no clients that I worked with in the past that I do not now call friends. This isn’t just a job for me, and our relationship isn’t over when they sign the closing documents. It’s not unusual to find me helping clients unload the moving truck, scrubbing a house clean before an open house, or stopping by months after the transaction has closed to let their dogs out while they are away.”

With a tremendous desire to give, Lyndsey Daigle is just beginning to embark on her real estate career with wisdom, vision, and, most of all, gratitude.

Lyndsey can be reached at (540) 735-4451 and at