During a recent award acceptance speech, a famous actor said, “Early is freedom.”

He was talking about when you’re early to your appointment, you have the time to take in the moment, prepare yourself, check out your surroundings, and put yourself mentally in that space before you move on. This advice resonated deeply with Marietta Jemison, an agent with Keller Williams Metro Center, and she holds it as one of her daily goals.

Marietta has been licensed in real estate for the last six years and has been full-time for the past three. She not only seeks to be early and present but to exceed the expectations of her clients with each transaction.

“D.C. metro area sellers and buyers are savvy clients. They have high expectations and often need to move quickly in this demanding market,” she states. “Long-term, I will define success with the legacy I leave behind in the families I have helped to create new chapters in their lives. I am also proud to be a third-generation entrepreneur, following in the footsteps of my parents and grandparents, in creating and supporting a successful family business.”

Marietta is a second-generation Washingtonian, born in D.C. Her father was born in D.C., and her mother was born in Greece and came to the U.S. in her 30s. She is the oldest of five, and the first one in her immediate family to earn a four-year college degree. Her first love is fashion, and she went into the field of merchandising, working for Nordstrom for 14 years after college, which set the stage for offering a gold standard in product presentation and service to her clients. She then went into the legal field as a director of business development and senior account executive for a national court reporting firm for 12 years, where she fine-tuned how to manage customer expectations and to be a master networker, both proving to be priceless skills in her real estate career.

“I think I was always destined to work in real estate,” she exclaims. “I have an innate love for home. I used to travel a lot and I loved coming home. Home should be comforting. Real estate is in my core.”

Also in her core is to be positive, persistent, and a problem solver. And to genuinely care.

“I care about who I am and who I represent, as a member of my family and community. I care that someone needs to sell their family’s estate, which marks the end of a chapter in their lives, and that can be hard to come to terms with. I genuinely care that my first-time buyers have a tight budget and we can’t go past it. I come to my business from a place of contribution. And I am humble and grateful that someone has chosen to open their home to me to sell or allow me to be a very special part of what is likely the largest purchase they may ever make. I treat each listing like it’s my own home and I make sure my buyers are completely comfortable in the house they’re about to buy. I am honest, genuine, and want what is best for my clients.”

Outside of the office, Marietta loves spending time with her husband and her son, especially outdoors. She is also involved with Sympatico, the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra’s children’s after-school music education program, Junior Friends of The Campagna Center, the volunteer board of the Dowden Terrace Recreation Association, and the PTA at her son’s school, as well as supports the Justice High School Rowing program.

One of the best ways she balances work and life is to schedule time for both.

“I hold breakfast time, morning getting-ready-for-school time, and family dinner time sacred. I silence my phone during family dinner time — nothing can’t wait for 60 minutes,” she emphasizes. “If I can keep these moments of the day sacred, I can handle the crush of everything else that comes with the lifestyle of a real estate agent.”

And crushing it all is, indeed, what Marietta does.

Marietta can be reached at mkjhomes@kw.com.