“Impossible is nothing.” —Muhammad Ali

As a first-generation Pakistani-American, Saliq Khawar and his family moved around — a lot — in an effort to build a stable life in America.

“I have called three different states and eight different cities my home and attended over eight different schools,” Saliq remembers. “We moved around a lot to different relatives, attempting to build a new life here.”

In those early years, Saliq grew to despise the constant moves. He remembers the struggle to maintain friendships and fit in socially. Yet, as he looks back on his childhood, he recognizes how it shaped him into the outgoing, optimistic man he is today.

“I have no problem with initiating a conversation with a complete stranger. You can throw me in a room with anybody and I can connect,” Saliq says. “What makes me unique is my diverse background, which gives me the ability to adapt to various crowds.”

Saliq’s mother worked two jobs as a single mom to raise him. This instilled a deep respect for the hard work it takes to achieve success and stability.

These early experiences have come to support Saliq’s professional life. His outgoing personality, in tandem with a refusal to give up, has led him to tremendous success.

“I seem to get asked a lot what motivates me to work so hard and refuse to give up. To me, it’s a simple answer. In the time I have spent on this planet I have seen and been through a lot by an early age — whether it’s being held at gunpoint as a child in Pakistan by robbers in broad daylight in the middle of the street, not having the means to have breakfast every morning, cramming in with my whole family in a one-bedroom, seeing my mom sleeping in a car in between jobs causing her health problems, or not having a father around for most of my life.”

As Saliq stepped into the working world, he accepted a job in the investment property division for Van Metre. He excelled in property management and leasing for six years before leveraging his skill set and giving real estate sales a shot.

In the past six years, Saliq has achieved great success in real estate. He’s sold over 100 homes in one year and has been recognized as a REALTOR® Magazine 30 under 30 agent, as well as a member of the NVAR Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club. But perhaps his greatest achievement is the balance he has achieved between work and personal time.

Saliq and his wife, Emerald, will be welcoming their first child into the world this September.

“Success, to me, is being able to live comfortably in my daily life and providing for my wife and my future child,” Saliq says. “I used to prioritize business and cancel any personal commitments that seemed unimportant. Now, once family time is scheduled and on the calendar, it’s treated with the mindset of a business appointment, and I commit to it.”

As he prepares for his daughter to enter into the world, Saliq is ever-grateful for the life he lives here in Virginia, as well as the opportunity to achieve success through real estate.

“Growing up in Pakistan, it is often difficult, if not impossible, for an average person to purchase a home in his lifetime. We were one of those families who simply were not able to afford the luxury of homeownership. My father, however, had bigger dreams for us and did manage to save up some money to send our family to America. Upon coming to the U.S. at the age of 12, it didn’t take long before I realized the significant difference between the U.S. and Pakistan.”

Here in America, Saliq has been afforded the opportunity to step beyond the bounds of his family’s previous financial situation and create abundance in his life. He’s been given the opportunity to achieve success on his own terms.

“I am living proof that hard work and persistence rewards you with personal and economic advancement. Where I come from, your path in life was limited by who your father was and what religious and political affiliations you had. Here, you can truly be whoever you choose to be.”