“I am all about integrity, commitment, and standing behind my word. I’m deeply dedicated to the people that depend on me. My goal is to be a reliable, go-to person that people have confidence in and trust,” Shannon Doyle begins.

In both her personal and professional life, Shannon Doyle sticks to her word, honors her commitments, and focuses on acting with integrity. While these qualities reflect Shannon’s personal values, they are also reflective of the broader culture at MBH Settlement Group. As Senior Vice President, Shannon guides and directs the corporate operations of MBH Settlement Group and its 20 branch offices. She handles high-level relationships and corporate structure, but she’s also passionate about helping clients and partners directly.

“While MBH is a big company and I hold a corporate position, I am committed to every person on our team and every client that we deal with. I take those commitments very seriously,” Shannon notes.

Shannon Doyle: Leading the Charge

Growing up, Shannon’s parents instilled within her reliability and relationship-building skills. Her mother enjoyed a successful career in advertising, and her father is a lawyer with a respected private practice. While real estate was not a primary focus, Shannon was first introduced to real estate via her parents’ personal investments and her father’s law practice.

“Despite initially joining the workforce after graduating from George Washington with a focus on finance, through a series of fortunate events, I found a passion for the real estate industry,” Shannon reflects.

For almost two decades, Shannon has lived in the D.C. metro area and worked for various local title and settlement organizations. Shannon and her husband, Dave, have two children, Samantha (12) and Pierce (10), and a spunky rescue dog, Jax.

“When I am not working, I love spending time with my family and friends enjoying the fantastic and unique dining, outdoor, and entertainment opportunities available in the DMV,” Shannon smiles.

Whether she’s at home or at work, making others feel valued and appreciated is at the core of Shannon’s intentions.

“At home, I define success as doing the best job possible to make my children and husband feel valued and appreciated for the incredible people they are. At work, I think the most important aspects of success are making your team feel supported and appreciated, and maintaining a reputation for treating people and partners well.”

MBH Settlement Group

MBH Settlement Group provides title insurance and settlement services for residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout the D.C. metro area. Yet, in Shannon Doyle’s view, the company is much more than just a settlement company.

“At its core, MBH Settlement Group provides peace of mind,” Shannon notes. “In delivering closings that are smooth, secure, convenient, and tailored to our clients’ needs, we make the final steps of the home-buying process a less stressful and, ultimately, a celebratory process.”

For over 27 years, MBH has been one of the most knowledgeable and conscientious title companies in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. With a team of experienced real estate attorneys and title professionals on staff, MBH is equipped to handle residential, commercial, and refinance transactions.

“We know the local markets, deliver well-researched title reports, and do whatever is needed to meet client closing deadlines,” Shannon declares.

Experience Matters: 27 Years and Counting

In 2021, MBH Settlement Group celebrated its 27th anniversary. Shannon feels it’s a significant milestone for the company, and she’s proud of the company’s heritage. Still, she’s quick to point out that MBH is not resting on its laurels. The leadership team at MBH Settlement Group is forward-thinking, tech-driven, and continually evolving.

“Over the last four years, we’ve focused not just on listening, but on really hearing and observing. We talk with our brokers, partners, agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers to understand what they face, and we take it upon ourselves to discover better ways to meet their needs. We look outside of our industry for solutions and rely on our diverse, creative team to create and implement innovative solutions,” Shannon explains.

“For all of the clients we serve, and especially our agents, MBH is uniquely positioned for your success. Every strategic decision is focused on improvements in the experience. We show up every day looking for ways to make the process smoother, more secure, and more convenient. Our partners’ well-being, both personally and in their businesses, matters to us.”

For more information, please visit www.mbh.com.