A local Washington, DC, metro area native, Spencer Bodian is a motivated top producing agent driven by a passion for entrepreneurialism, helping people, and problem-solving. Having garnered an enthusiasm for real estate investing from an early age, it is easy to see how he quickly capitulated to stardom in real estate.

Spencer is a real estate advisor for Compass in Washington, DC, and is licensed in both Washington, DC, and Maryland. He has been working as a realtor since June 2016 and got his start with Eng Garcia Grant & Co., a top-tier team within Keller Williams Capital Properties.

Before becoming a REALTOR®, he worked for Acropolis Development, a private real estate company in Syracuse, New York, as a leasing manager handling mostly residential leasing. Spencer also managed their photography, marketing, and advertising. After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in photojournalism and entrepreneurship, he also mentored with a former professor who was starting a company and aiming to do big things in their local market.

With a focus on the humanistic side of real estate, Spencer finished 2018 with just under $14 million in sales. His 2019 goal is to help at least 40 families accomplish their real estate goals and do over $20million in volume. He won the fall sales competition within his former real estate team, Eng Garcia Grant & Co., and was selected on behalf of Keller Williams Capital Properties to speak about his experiences as an agent.

Today, Spencer owes much of his success in real estate to great mentoring and as he puts it, listening to understand. “I learned so much about real estate from Carlos Garcia and James Grant, the managing partners of my former real estate team. They brought me onto their team and taught me accountability, perseverance, and hustle. I think it’s really important for everyone to have some sort of mentor or coach for both learning and accountability purposes,” he advises. “One thing Carlos also taught me is how to be a great listener, which is such an important part of connecting with and understanding people. Listen to understand, not to react. This is a deep topic and has various nuances to it, but I can’t stress enough how overlooked this skill/trait is, and it’s something I have felt was crucial for the growth of my business.”

For Spencer, there are two things that define who he is and the way he does business: genuine love and interest in people and an innate desire to cultivate strong relationships. He states, “I really try to put myself in my clients’ shoes and emotionally empathize with them and what they’re going through to address whatever challenge we’re dealing with and find a solution. As a homeowner and investor, I know the stress that comes with making such a big financial investment, as well as all of the unforeseen things that can arise during the course of a transaction. When I empathize at this level and focus on simply listening to my clients’ needs and concerns, I find it much easier to problem solve and get them exactly where they want to go.

“[Additionally], I love being a trusted advisor to so many, with the understanding that my success in business comes directly from my ability to help as many people as possible accomplish their own real estate goals. There’s no greater feeling than the satisfaction of guiding your clients through a difficult transaction to the finish line.”

Driven by a desire to stay grounded, on any given morning you will probably find Spencer up early reading, working out, doing yoga, or listening to a podcast using exercise and personal development to energize his day. While he believes time blocking, lead generation, and tracking are important, he also finds time for productive conversations and reserves evenings for showing properties and meeting with clients.

“In today’s age, and particularly in our industry, it’s easy to get caught up in the money and hustle and lose sight of the most important things. That’s where the honesty comes into play: figuring out what’s most important to you. For some, it’s about family and simply being able to spend time with those they love, and for others, it’s about waking up every day and being able to spend every minute of their day doing the thing(s) that they love,” he states. “I don’t think success is black and white. I believe it’s on a spectrum, and one’s values determine where their success is to be found.”

A lover of photography, Spencer is an Instagram (IG) connoisseur (follow him at @dcrealestate and @spencerbodian) who enjoys traveling, sports, nature, and spending time with family and loved ones. He admits, “I’m quite fond of Instagram and the ability to share my experiences, lifestyle, and real estate culture with a wide network of people. From property tours, getting peoples’ opinions on the level of finishes/design of a particular home, to home inspections and contractor assessments, I find IG to be an amazing tool that can bring my perspective to the rest of the world.”

He is also currently using the RealGeeks platform and loves the marketing technology at Compass for its terrific ability to create brilliant marketing materials for any platform.

Spencer has a lot of long-term goals. “I’d like to create a top-producing real estate team with an amazing culture, high-end technology, and strong marketing systems in place to support the agents I work with. I’d like to own 100+ units of property with a specific dollar amount of cash-flow in mind, and get more involved in real estate development and affordable housing,” he confides. “I would also like to start a couple of other business ventures and find a way to teach and inspire the youth in the communities I grew up around!”

Spencer is also passionate about donating money to brain cancer every year and is currently looking for more volunteer opportunities in the DC area.

Spencer’s work ethic and approach to business are represented in one of his favorite Henry Ford quotes: “Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.” By simply believing he can, he does.

For him, there is no ceiling for how big he can grow in the industry, and he defines success as “finding fulfillment in knowing your values, applying yourself to what you deem most important, and controlling how you spend your time. Everyone has a different definition and bar for that fulfillment, but I believe it has largely to do with time, and what you do with it.”