Tim Kelly entered the mortgage business in 2006, at the height of the last housing boom. He joined Countrywide Home Loans — one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders at the time — as an assistant for a high-producing lender. Almost as soon as Tim entered the industry, however, he began to notice the shifting tides.

“In 2006, you started to see things change. It was an interesting time. You saw the difference between a true professional and the salesman on the golf course.”

Tim didn’t let the uncertainty in the market scare him. In fact, he saw it as an opportunity.

“I wanted to become a master of the craft as well,” he continues. “I was fortunate to have started before the housing crisis. I got to understand what it takes to build a sustainable career. I learned how to build lifelong relationships with clients.”

Tim worked under his mentor for seven years before cutting the strings and going out on his own.

The loanDepot Advantage

Tim has now been in the mortgage industry for over 15 years. In April 2021, he moved his team to a new company, loanDepot.

“Most of Virginia had a banner year last year, and we were among those [that did]. We had our best year, as far as volume and units go,” Tim beams.

Tim and his team moved to loanDepot because they believe it gives them the best opportunity to serve their clients now and into the future. The company is a national brand, but the local team has a family, hometown feel.

“We live here, work here, and take care of our family and friends,” Tim notes.

In his 15 years in the mortgage world, Tim has come to understand what it takes to serve his clients. His first priority is to act as an advisor and educator — not a salesman.

“You have to be able to know every available option for a client and be able to speak to the pros and cons for each of them, and how that loan is going to fit into that family’s short-term and long-term financial goals,” Tim explains. “We’re always educating, never selling. We’re always trying to respond as accurately as possible.”

Tim is also big on communication. While delivering bad news is never easy, he’s willing to pick up the phone and communicate clearly in any situation. He believes that’s essential to the success of a real estate transaction.

Changing Perspectives

Tim has been fully devoted to his career for the past 15 years. And while his business remains a top priority, his growing family has called for more of his attention. Three years ago, Tim and his wife, AnnMarie, welcomed their first child, Jack, to the world.

“That opened my eyes that there’s a lot more than mortgages. Now, my day revolves around my family. My hours now are when my nanny is here. I’m a big family man. Trying to raise a kid in this new COVID era — that’s where I spend most of my time outside work,” Tim says.

Tim has learned that when he communicates his boundaries clearly with clients and partners, they generally understand and accept them. It’s a working strategy that allows him to be fully present for his clients and his family. As Tim looks ahead, he envisions more of the same — a joyous family life and a thriving business.

“I’m just a kid who loves helping people. I love Northern Virginia, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to do what I do and find success.”

For more information, please visit www.loandepot.com/loan-officers/timkelly.



When Tim was just getting started in the mortgage industry, he also performed standup comedy.

“I wasn’t very successful, but it’s a passion of mine. I’m always trying to bring humor into everything I do. Sometimes it goes over well, and sometimes it doesn’t in the mortgage world, but it does help me break the ice with clients.”