US Inspect is the nation’s leading home inspection company, having delivered more than 3,000,000 residential inspections since 1987. Honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of their continued dedication to provide trusted and thorough service. Within the last few years, they have focused on upgrading services to enhance the customer experience from start to finish.

Tim Shelton, National Vice President of Field Services for US Inspect, explains that the company is enjoying tremendous growth because they are listening to their customers and tailoring products to meet their needs. “We’re especially focused on working within the real estate industry to give them exactly what they want. We gathered information from focus groups, real estate round tables, and surveys to learn first-hand what agents needed for them to provide the best service to their clients, and we really paid attention to what they had to say.

“We took this knowledge and adjusted our products, specifically adapting them to their unique requirements. We have more than 180 inspectors across the country and supply virtually every type of inspection you would need in a real estate transaction. We’re a one-stop inspection shop.”

Tim is also the Maryland/DC area manager, which is the largest of the company’s sixteen service areas across the country. He has grown the Maryland/DC office from a team of only a few inspectors five years ago to more than 25 inspectors and administrative staff. One of the cornerstones of his vision in expanding the office was to hire inspectors with real-world experience and professional expertise. He wanted to assemble a team that had diverse knowledge and would be willing to share their skills in a group structure.

“I didn’t want to simply hire a group of inspectors to churn out reports. I wanted seasoned professionals who have lived in the business world, who have owned their own companies, who have experienced things they could share with the rest of the group. I recruited long-time contractors, architects, roofers, electricians, plumbers, installers, as well as successful people in the business and sales world,” he details.

“This isn’t an easy business to get into. There’s a lot of education, a lot of learning. No one knows it all. My philosophy is that there’s strength in numbers. The more experts you have to draw from, the deeper the pool of professionals, and the easier it is to deliver a superior product,” he explains. “What I love about our team is that we’re all willing to learn from each other — we’re not competing. If you run across something you’ve never dealt with before, it’s as simple as a group text or email, and within minutes you’ve got an answer. Everyone works together and wants each other to succeed. We encourage each other like family.”

Tim adds that by assembling a diverse group of experts, he has enabled US Inspect to acquire a tremendous database of information to train inspectors as they come on board.  “We have an amazing trainer that has put together a platform we use to educate our inspectors. We’re also drawing from our experts who are generous with their advice, guidance, and willingness to help us grow.”

US Inspect has also invested in leading-edge technology which enables inspectors to do reports in real time with mobile collection devices, infrared cameras, moisture meters, and digital reports. In most cases, reports can be delivered within an hour. “This is a crucial step in the real estate process, allowing agents, sellers, and buyers a quick turnaround when making important decisions about their investments. Our company’s technology team designed everything in-house, it’s proprietary, and completely streamlines the process from online scheduling to report retrieval,” Tim details.

The final inspection report is a reflection of how the company takes pride in every precise detail. It is a beautifully designed report enhanced with colorful graphics, high-resolution photos, in-depth factual information about the property, reference materials and useful general maintenance information. It can be accessed online or printed.

A US Inspect home inspection provides a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the property across a dozen major categories: exterior, roof, structure, water control systems, insulation and ventilation, interior, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fuel services, appliances, and environmental systems. In addition to thorough home inspections, the company delivers many other types of residential inspections, including termite, radon gas, swimming pool, lawn sprinkler, well, septic, and specialty inspections.  They also deliver phase inspections for new home construction, including foundation inspection, pre-drywall inspection, and walk-through inspection.

US Inspect has built its reputation on decades of reliable, trustworthy service. They continue to demonstrate their commitment to remain one of the best in the industry by investing in training, professional inspectors, technology, and support.

Tim is passionate about his role in communicating the company’s vision to their customers. “We are striving to provide the best experience in every stage of the process — ease of scheduling, superior inspection, quality report, seamless interface between the consumer and the agent, and meticulous follow up. I’m really excited about the growth of the company and its pledge to ensure that when people are making one of the most important decisions of their lives, they can be confident they are in the right hands.”

JB Haller
President + CEO of US Inspect

JB feels right at home in the Mid-Atlantic area having grown up in Howard County, Maryland. He is a proud University of Maryland Terrapin and has an MBA from Wharton. JB has worked in the Mid-Atlantic region since returning from Madrid, Spain, where he worked as senior manager for KPMG for two years. JB has worked in marketing for Mobile 365, operations for Current Analysis, Inc., brand management for Procter & Gamble Company, and sales management for The Advisory Board Company. JB married his high school sweetheart, Michelle, and they enjoy spending time with their two children, one in high school and one in college. JB is an avid reader and motorcyclist (Ducati!). His focus at US Inspect is to make sure realtors and their clients receive the best customer experience available in the industry.

Tim Shelton
Vice President, Field Services
Area Manager MD/DC

Tim has a compelling set of skills that have made him successful: personality, leadership, marketing, and recruiting, not to mention his inspection experience and technical excellence. Tim has delivered more than 5,000 inspections for US Inspect since 2005. Prior to US Inspect, Tim worked for 12 years in residential construction and real estate services. He has actively participated in the building, renovation, and management of hundreds of single- and multi-family homes. With more than nine years of experience in residential building, Tim also is skilled in construction, design, and project management.

Suzanne Wilson
Market Developer

With the knowledge and confidence in US Inspect, Suzanne brings her entrepreneurial spirit and experience to her business development position. Company and customer relationship building have been her career hallmarks. She conveys a calm understanding of what it takes to grow and serve.


Doug Bassett
Doug is a New England native who has been working in the metro area for over 25 years. With a construction background and more than 12 years as a licensed contractor, he understands the importance of a superior home inspection. His number one goal is giving the client the tools and information needed to make an informed decision on one of the most important purchases in life.

Rose Buckley
Rose is a former professor and currently serves as a Home Energy Score Ambassador for the Department of Energy. She enjoys teaching her clients about their home, energy efficiency, and maintenance needs. Rose has quickly built a following on social media with her informative videos and can be seen inspecting homes, old and new, across the state of Maryland and the DC region. She is well known among her clients as a thorough and friendly home inspector.

Eric Carpenter
Eric has delivered almost 10,000 high-quality inspections to satisfied customers throughout Maryland. He has performed residential home inspections, commercial inspections, construction consulting, and 203(k) consulting for HUD for 24 years. Eric is state licensed for home inspection and wood borer inspections, certified with AARST-NRPP as a radon technician, certified by Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a building analyst, listed with the US Department of Energy (DOE) as a home energy score accessor, and listed with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a 203(k) consultant. He has been a member of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) for his entire professional career.

Greg Holden
Greg, a native of Montgomery County, is a fully licensed and accredited home inspector in the State of Maryland. He has been working with a local home inspection company since the spring of 2017. Greg started his career as an electro-mechanical engineer then moved into technology sales for the last 25 years, managing one of Hewlett Packard’s largest customers. He has taken his passion for remodeling and has shifted his energy into the home inspection business.

Wynne Hyatt
Wynne spent eight years in the remodeling business before becoming a full-time home inspector. As the project manager for a small company, he was responsible for all phases of home improvement, including subcontractor coordination, field supervision, quality assurance, code compliance, and home inspections. In 1990, Wynne formed a division in the company to inspect and report on the conditions of fire retardant treated (FRT) plywood sheathing found in townhouses and condominiums as part of a $4 billion lawsuit. He coordinated over 3,000 inspections with nine area builders and four different law firms and personally conducted over 1,000 roof and attic inspections. In March 1998, Wynne joined The Building Inspector of America where he earned a reputation for being a detail-oriented and thorough inspector. In 2002, he joined the nation’s largest home inspection company, US Inspect, and ever since has been one of their top performers. In over 20 years as a home inspector, he has performed more than 8,000 inspections of homes and commercial properties, served as an expert witness, provided consultations on leaking basements and conducted framing/pre-drywall inspections on houses under construction.

Dave King
Dave has been a licensed Home Inspector since 2011 with a background in home repair and remodeling. In earlier years, he worked in home construction. “I see my role as an inspector as supporting the process of buying a home by reporting on the condition of the structure and systems of the home. Being available for a client’s questions afterward is something I am always glad to do.” With his certifications in Radon measurement, thermography, WDO, and deck inspection, Dave can be your “one-stop” inspector.

Neil Kreeger
As a member of the U.S. Army, Neil served in the Panama Canal Zone. He later returned to Arlington and worked as a carpenter with one of the many construction companies building I-66 in Northern Virginia. He began his home inspection career with a small firm in Baltimore and has since performed thousands of professional home inspections for appreciative home buyers in the Greater Baltimore and DC area for more than 25 years.

Greg Masucci
Greg is originally from Chicago but has lived in the DC area for the past 12 years. He brings a Midwestern sensibility to inspections and approaches them with a broad base of experience in real estate related businesses, including sales, management, acquisition, design, renovation, and financing. In his free time, Greg enjoys running A Farm Less Ordinary (AFLO) with his wife and co-founder. ALFO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity farm whose mission is to provide employment for intellectually disabled adults.

Ed McCain
Ed has been a very productive home inspector in the Washington metropolitan area for many years. Before coming to US Inspect, Ed spent 30 years as a general manager in the landscaping field maintaining high-end properties, including one of the local professional football team’s facilities. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Howard University in family studies and worked towards his Master of Social Work.

Dave McDonnell
David has taken numerous courses in real estate, business, and management from Prince Georges Community College and the University of Maryland, College Park. His education prepared him for the challenges of a real estate investment and management career from 1984 to 1989. In 2001, David established a home improvement company, DCM Home Improvement, LLC, specializing in exterior maintenance and interior remodeling. In 2017, he took the Home Inspector class at Anne Arundel Community College and completed the National Home Inspection Examination on July 5, 2017. With his experience in real estate, business, management, and owning his company, David has a better understanding of what is needed to complete a home inspection from the agent’s and the homeowner’s point of view. He draws from 20 years of experience in real estate and remodeling to provide thorough home inspections on rental properties, townhomes, single family homes, and older homes.

Rick Moore
Rick has inspected more than 6,000 residential purchases. He has been a Certified HUD REAC Inspector since 2004 and has performed more than 5,000 HUD/HQS Inspections. Recently, Rick has been involved with the local Department of Housing as a Project Manager/Inspector in the HUD Single Family Renovation Program in Prince Georges County where he performs code inspections, manages general contractors and subcontractors, and writes and costs out Scopes of Work. Rick is a professional who truly loves his job and is ready to share his knowledge with you.

Adam Morville
Adam is a senior inspector who started with US Inspect in 2015. His specialized construction knowledge allows him to perform inspections of the highest quality, which he believes is of the utmost importance when clients are making one of the most significant decisions of their lives. Adam prides himself on connecting with his clients and teaching them about their new home. A member of REMDA, Adam is active in the real estate community, regularly connecting with agents and industry professionals, as well as providing help and knowledge both informally and at presentations. A husband and father, he will care for you and your clients as if they are family.

Patrick Murphy
Patrick has 22 years of experience in multiple trades, eventually becoming a master tradesman. After working for others for several years, he ultimately decided to become a business owner for himself. He bought and renovated run-down homes, and for the most part, performed much of the work on his own. After many successful years as a business owner, he decided to combine the people skills he learned as a psychology major in college with his technical knowledge and expertise gained from service calls in the industry and become a home inspector. Patrick enjoys assisting active home buyers in making what may be the most important investment of their lives and being a positive part of their experience.

Barry Oseroff
Barry has been with US Inspect for a little over a year and has been performing home inspections for two years. Barry has an extensive background in the real estate and construction industry. He owned a property management company for almost 20 years, held a real estate license for ten years, and has been a general contractor. His favorite part of being a home inspector is interacting with his clients. Barry is a talker by nature and loves educating clients on the homes they are buying. He has a quote he likes to tell his clients before the inspection begins: “I am not here to scare you. I am here to educate you on your home and how it works. If at any time you feel that I am scaring you, please let me know.” In his spare time, Barry loves spending time with his wife and two children. He is a soccer and basketball coach and spends numerous hours volunteering for his children’s schools.

Chris Quick
Growing up in Buffalo, New York, Chris always enjoyed looking at all the different architectural types of homes the city had to offer — from Victorians, Tudors, and even Frank Lloyd Wright Homes. He started painting houses when he was 16 to earn money to buy his first car. Over the years, he has learned how to do many home improvement projects, from installing ceramic tile floors to doing electrical upgrades. After quite a few years of holding various managerial positions in the consumer beverage industry, he decided to settle down from the demands of constant business travel and go back to school. He wanted to utilize his professional skills to become a home inspector and follow his passion for being around houses. He has been a home inspector and certified mold assessor for the last several years and has performed thousands of inspections. His education includes completion of numerous building construction classes, along with continuing education to keep up with trends in the building trades. Some of his certifications include Level 1 Certified Thermographer, CMA (Certified Mold Assessor), BPI Analyst Training (Building Performance Institute) and AARST-NRPP Certified Residential Radon Tester. Educating homebuyers on how to properly maintain their house, along with ways to help them save energy and money, are some of the things he likes to incorporate on a home inspection. He maintains a calm demeanor during inspections and strives to keep clients from being overwhelmed, especially first-time homebuyers.

Michael Samet
Michael recently joined the US Inspect team and brings the confidence of years of experience to each inspection he performs. Michael spent 15 years as the executive director for an international non-profit before deciding to enter the real estate field. Before joining US Inspect, Michael was a real estate agent, as well as a property developer and renovation expert.

Johnny Seibert
Before joining US Inspect, Johnny was a project manager with Bozzuto Homes and Management performing all aspects of building management for high-end clients throughout the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area. He has also conducted hundreds of quality control and construction turnover inspections for those clients. Johnny has had more than 30 years of experience in construction and home improvements, covering all aspects of construction practices.

Eric Shires
Eric has been in the construction and contracting field his entire career and has mastered many skills in the various trades relating to the industry. Eric got an early introduction in high school as an electrician’s apprentice, then worked in general contracting and rehabs. He has primarily specialized in exteriors, including roofing, siding, and windows. Eric also owned his own company for quite a few years with his brother where they specialized in exteriors and built custom decks as well.

John Stavlas
John comes to US Inspect with broad experience and years in customer service. He completed his Master of Science in environmental science and policy from the Johns Hopkins University and served as a biologist and environmental planner before leaving to assist in the startup and management of his family’s successful, high-volume restaurant. In his spare time, before becoming licensed as a home inspector, John worked in the home improvement field to gain experience in residential construction. He was urged by friends and associates to pursue home inspection because of his keen eye and attention to detail. John has successfully conducted hundreds of home inspections throughout Annapolis, Baltimore, DC, and the surrounding areas.