Tony Fernandez-Sardina was raised to believe in the Golden Rule — do unto others as you would have others do unto you. He was brought up to hold the conviction that every human being has a moral obligation to help others. “Not only for their benefit but because it benefits society in general,” Tony clarifies.

This belief system informs everything that Tony does, both in business and in his personal life. In the home inspection world, you’ll find him hard at work to ensure that his clients are taken care of in precisely the way he would hope to be cared for himself.

Putting People First

Tony’s first professional passion was for architecture. Home design captured both his attention and imagination, however, he eventually transitioned into the travel industry. For over three decades, Tony worked in the hospitality industry. His roles varied from supervising the final stages of hotel construction and commercial facilities to managing all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean.

In 2006, Tony transitioned to the home inspection business. “Making the switch to the home inspection industry was actually not as different from hotels as one would imagine. Both require extensive knowledge and supervision of the physical infrastructure and systems,” Tony says.

Most importantly, Tony has been able to take the people skills he cultivated in the hospitality industry and apply them to the home inspection business. He’s well-versed in customer service and, as a result, can understand the needs of both homebuyers and real estate agents in a way that many home inspectors cannot.

“Having been a sales and marketing director at various points in my career gives me deep insight into what REALTORS®’ roles are as well,” Tony says. “Working with people … it is what I’ve done all of my life. I am fond of saying that what I really know, more than hotels or home inspections, is people.”

Rn HomeTech: A Complete Solution

At Rn HomeTech, Tony and his team conduct detailed, thorough home inspections. Their services include radon testing, termite inspections, mold inspections, and testing, infrared imaging services, and more. Tony utilizes the latest equipment and most up-to-date technology available, ensuring his clients the most detailed and accurate information.

“Our inspectors wear a tool belt with over 15 different tools, including, but not limited to, infrared thermometers, moisture meters, laser measuring devices, high-tech flashlights, GFCI and voltage testers, and more,” Tony says. “We take over 300 high-resolution digital pictures per home inspection with state-of-the-art digital cameras.”

Tony’s approach to home inspection is “truth without sensationalism.” He believes it’s his responsibility to deliver accurate, transparent results while avoiding fear-inducing language and conclusions. “We operate in the knowledge that it is possible to be honest about the issues we may find in a home without the need to exaggerate or blow them out of proportion,” Tony says.

The Golden Rule

Tony is a father of three; though they are now grown and living in various countries around the world, he loves to spend time with his kids.

In his free time, Tony volunteers as an adaptive ski instructor with Two Top Adaptive Sports Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to teaching skiing, snowboarding, cycling, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. Tony is also a golfer, hiker, and loves books and music.

When Tony looks at the foundation of his life and business, everything comes back to the lessons in honesty and rectitude he learned growing up. He doesn’t exaggerate findings because he has no desire to be a hero. Instead, he intends to be an honest, straightforward piece of the homebuying puzzle.

“I treat everyone with respect and dignity, and people feel that and respond accordingly,” he says. “We are very thorough. We are detail-oriented. We continually train and study to improve our knowledge base. We have the most detailed home inspection reports on the market, bar none! We are punctual and professional. We believe it benefits everyone involved if we take the time to explain everything to the buyer during the inspection and thus avoid calls with questions that should have been addressed at the home inspection.

“There is only one way to do things — the right way.”

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