The story of how Wade Vander Molen got started in the title insurance business and ultimately landed in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C., market is not conventional. After graduating from college, Wade moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and worked for Child Protective Services. Removing children from battered homes and spending half of his week in courtrooms had its rewards but also its pitfalls. After working in the social work field for three years, he transitioned, with the urging of a friend, to selling FHA refinance mortgages. During this time, he would see nicely dressed people come to his office and provide lunch and ask for their business. These were the sales reps from the title company. He wasn’t sure what these people actually did, but it looked better than sitting in an office all day.

After doing some homework regarding title company “marketing” jobs available in the Phoenix area, Wade was hired to work for a local company, called Capital Title Agency — a title company that was later transitioned, through acquisition, into Lawyers Title of Arizona, after the downturn of 2008. When the downturn came, it hit the Phoenix market very hard. REALTORS® and lenders had to learn new skills to market properties or identify clients. With a large inventory of short sales and foreclosures, things were challenging. During this time, many people left the business and cuts were made. Only the most valuable people in each industry stayed and fought through the rough market.

At this time and after, the role of the title company sales rep changed. Wade went from bringing bagels to bringing real value. He helped his clients target short-sale candidates, receive introductions to asset managers, and learn how to use the internet to get “found” online. His mission was to find more innovative ways to help his clients market their offline real estate business online. As the market recovered, Wade honed his skills to help his clients with social media marketing, website training, and more.

After seven years in the Phoenix market, he met his wife, Valerie, on a spring trip to Las Vegas in 2010. There was one issue: Valerie lived in Washington, D.C., which was 2,000 miles away! Regardless of the distance, a relationship grew, and after lots of traveling across the country, in May of 2012, a decision was made. Wade moved to the Washington, D.C., area and started his career over in the title insurance business at Stewart Title. There was one big difference: he was in a brand new market with zero clients.

Starting over in anything can be scary, but Wade knew with hard work and innovation, he could be successful. The first thing he did was build a website, As most people search for information online, Wade wanted to be that resource for all things real estate marketing, technology, and title insurance for his clients. The next thing he did was start a YouTube channel and start shooting educational and marketing videos. As video is one of the best conduits to convey a value message, he wanted to cast a large net. Wade felt that having places where his clients could go to get educational content 24/7 was, and still is, important.  

As his business started to expand and grow, Wade got engaged to Valerie, and they were married in October of 2014. In May of 2016, they had a daughter, named Isla, and in 2019, another daughter, Aria, was born.

Wade says that joining Stewart Title was the best thing that could have happened for his business. Under the leadership of President Elizabeth Brantley and Vice President Mark Fitzgerald, Wade was put in a great position to succeed. With longstanding employees who have perfected their craft, Wade knows that once he brings in a client, they are going to be well taken care of. Also, working for a national title insurance underwriter, the title policies Stewart Title provides to homebuyers is ultimate protection.

After almost nine years in the Washington, D.C., area and sixteen years in the title insurance business, Wade has learned that leading with value and helping your clients is a must. Having a top-notch Realtor®–lender marketing department is great, but more important is having the processing and closing staff that makes clients shine and creates a great customer experience. Stewart Title knows they are literally nothing without their clients, so they do all they can to help grow their real estate business.

With a loving and supportive family at home, and another supportive family at work, Wade is happy to call Northern Virginia and Stewart Title his home.

To learn more about Wade or Stewart Title, please call 480-203-6452, email, or visit Wade online at