“The edge that successful people have over others who have not experienced similar accomplishments is their strong belief that their abilities, focus, and faith will produce the outcomes that they are looking for.” 

In 2012, Yvonne Lee II was working in the corporate world leading a sales team for Comcast. That year, her life and career trajectory would change forever as the result of a Groupon event that she attended with a friend.

“My friend saw a Groupon for a tour of all the luxury homes on the market in D.C., and we went. I remember being in awe of the agents who opened the doors as they were so professional and well put together. They looked so sharp showing the homes. I’ll never forget the feeling that came over me at that moment,” Yvonne shares. “For the first time in my life, I knew that this is where I was supposed to be. I could see myself opening those same doors. My spirit ensured me this was my calling. By the end of the tour, my wife and I took a picture standing in front of Sotheby’s, and I knew  immediately that I wanted to get my real estate license.” 

Only a few months later, Yvonne did just that. She planned to start part-time in real estate while working around her full-time job. As fate would have it, Yvonne would fully commit to real estate faster than she expected.

“I got fired the week after my daughter was born,” Yvonne recalls. With gumption and conviction, she dove into real estate head first.

“[My decision to become a real estate agent] came from me feeling a passion — from wanting to do it,” she expresses. “I make decisions with my heart. I trust my heart. I trust my instincts. I live my life by that.”

After beginning as a buyer’s agent, Yvonne was hired by Trulia to sell advertising to agents. She left real estate sales to build her life around helping other agents market their business online with Trulia and Zillow. While she enjoyed the work, travel requirements were extensive.

“In 2015, I left Zillow, and I had an intimate conversation with God. I said, ‘I don’t like being away from my family like this. Real estate has to work full time.’ So, I went back to real estate, and I haven’t looked back.”

Yvonne has been in sales her entire career, but it’s her work in real estate that genuinely fills her soul. “I just love selling,” she says, “and I love making a difference.”

Six years after her first venture into real estate, Yvonne is blessed with the life of her dreams. Her ability to impact the lives of others makes her ever grateful for the opportunity to be in real estate. Yvonne is married with two children — “miracle children” as she calls them. Bliss Journey is now 6 years old, and her son August Luther is 1 year old.

Yvonne is equally passionate about being of service to people in need outside of her real estate business. If she is not out helping her clients or enjoying quality time with her family, she is aligning herself with charitable organizations that project her values. 

A group that she holds dear to her heart is the Latin Youth Organization in Columbia Heights, Maryland. Their mission is to aid and improve the quality of life for youth, ages 11–24, of all backgrounds, including low-income minors, teen parents, homeless teens, LGBTQ youth, young people in foster care and juvenile justice systems, and those facing mental health, substance abuse, or complex family issues. 

“We help gay and lesbian youth in addition to any youth that needs help — on the streets or their parents kicked them out for being different. They have written all over the walls, ‘We count. We make a difference,'” details Yvonne. “I want to be involved with an organization that can touch someone like that so close to home. I love that.”

In all aspects of life, Yvonne seeks to make the most positive impact she is capable of doing. “If God puts me in their path, I believe I’m supposed to help them. I see how things change other’s lives and know it’s what I’m meant to do.”